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| BUDAPEST | - Infinity eSport Bar LAN [2018.07.27 - 2018.07.29]

| BUDAPEST | - Infinity eSport Bar LAN [2018.07.27 - 2018.07.29]

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7:15pm May 14th 18

Hello Everybody.

Here we are again! Infinity Esport Bar will organize a CoD 2 LAN again. The details are the same as the previous LAN. But if you are here first time you can find everything if you scroll down.

Maximum 18 (optimal gameplay, 3x6 teams/group means 5 wars)

Groups and Playoffs:
Friday 6 PM: A group
Saturday 9 AM: B group
Saturday 2:30 PM: C group
Saturday 8 PM: Playoffs
Sunday 9 AM: Playoffs (Top 6 team)

Basic Informations:
Date: 2018.07.27. - 2018.07.29
Venue: Infinity Esport Bar - Német utca 2. , 1084 Budapest , Hungary

Map pool: Toujane, Burgundy, Dawnville, Matmata, Carentan".
Veto system will be used to decide the maps.
We will use Toornament to transact the event.

Entry fee: 35.000.-HUF (~112.-EUR)

With 18 teams:

1. 1st place 200.000.-HUF
2. 2nd place 100.000.-HUF
3. 3rd place 50.000.-HUF

+ extra HW
*Prize money will be paid out through Paypal within 1 week after the event.

Spot Reservation: 10.000.-HUF / team. (You pay the rest 25.000.-HUF on the LAN, more infos regarding the reservation are included inside of the payment email)
Payment deadline:

Overall prizepot: ~€1200 + hardware

Groups - BO1
Playoff – BO3
Bracket - Double Elimination

Rules: Scripts & Macros are forbidden (Will be updated).
Website: Click here
Facebook Page: Click here
Date: 2018.07.27 – .2018.07.29 – three-day event

PC Configs:
- 20 x I5, 8GB, GTX 1070
- 10 x I5, 8GB, GTX 970
- 30 x I5, 8GB, R7870
All 60 monitors are 144Hz, 1ms Gaming Monitors!
Installed operating system: Windows 10 Home HUN/ENG
Please note that we'll only use 30 of these for now, but this might be changed in the future. As you can see, we have bandwith to use more PCs if needed.



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9:40pm May 14th 18

hehe GRS interested


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11:52pm May 14th 18


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12:10pm May 15th 18

unlogic is interested, where we can pay?


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2:34pm May 15th 18

Team iNFINITE coming


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9:04am May 16th 18

That website is indeed horrible.....


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8:18pm May 16th 18

1. Creat account ( www.lanseries.hu)

2. Creat a team

3. Add your teammates

4. If ur team ready we will send an automatic email with payment details.


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3:43pm May 18th 18

And how do we add the team to the event? It asks us to pay without even giving the option to enter the tournament..

EDIT: Got it finally, horrid website