LFT dest4r Gallantry BeNeLux...

LFT dest4r Gallantry BeNeLux Series

LFT dest4r Gallantry BeNeLux Series

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1:18am Mar 19th 18

Name: Amadeusz ' dest4rchik' Wlek?y ex- cod4 player
Age:23 years old
Nationality: Poland

LANs Attended :

- Lan Poznan 2k10,place: 5-8th

- Tembakan 2k11place: 9-22th

- NIeplomnice Lan Party, place: 8th

- MUFLAN, :place 8-12th

- PLC, BANNED place: 3rd

- WROCLAN, nomercy place: 2nd



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1:39am Mar 19th 18

nicest guy , pick him up !


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9:32pm Mar 19th 18

ty mixer!


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6:12pm Mar 20th 18

Goodluck man,

Though I'd personally suggest trying to find a team for the Budapest event. The BNX event probably won't be worth the cost of travelling and the likes from Poland. Unless of course you live locally and just happen to be Polish.


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3:25pm Mar 21st 18

Played against him in a ranked match, decent player, GL!


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7:46pm Mar 21st 18

one of best aks in proland gl