Looking for Playmates!

Looking for Playmates!

Looking for Playmates!

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11:11pm Mar 7th 18

Hi, guys!

We are a small group of CoD2 lovers from Turkey and play on weekends regularly. We' re about 10-15 guys and we have our own server (we pay for it monthly). It' so pleasing to see there are still many european playing this thrilling game.

Anyways, we are looking for some new friends to play with and take them into our warm group. We all live in different cities inside the country and connect to the game via that server I just mentioned. We have a whatsapp group and stay in contact by WhatsApp. We can accept either individuals or groups, if you are interested no matter how many of you there is.

And btw, we are not necessarily looking for teams to play against and we are ABSOLUTELY NOT trying to make a competition and beat other teams from other countries. We just want to gain some new CoD2 players to our friendly group.

We usually play on fridays,saturdays and sundays starting at 22.00 (GMT+2). If you're interested or learn some more, feel free to contact me.

We'd love to see you guys in our games.


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1:35am Mar 9th 18

@pm me




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11:45am Mar 9th 18


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He is in Germany, he won't respond till 16th of March


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3:36pm Mar 9th 18

ok then @Dutchboy


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