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Looking for players. NOT A SCOPE.

We are a newly created Battalion team trying to grind to the top.
We are all fairly experienced players, with varietys in both competitive CS , and cod4 promod. Both in a high level.

We do know that Battallion is still a young game within the eSport scene, and therefore cannot promise any salaries etc. But we require the same dedication as if you got paid.

We are fully aware that we are capable of reaching the top, but a full roster is obviously a must, before we can reach that.

We have a few requirements you need to meet, and here are some of them.

- You need to be fluent in English, would recommend having a background in an English speaking team prior.

- You need to have some sort of competitive gaming experience. It is not required to have been playing at the peek of the scene, but obviously LAN experience and such does help out your application.

- We do not have a age requirement, but you should have some outstanding talents if you're below the age of 18.

- You can play 4 times a week.

We are looking for an SMG player mainly. But exceptions can be made, due to the fact that we are fairly fresh. We are currently not looking for a scope, and will not be reviewing any applications from scopes.

Due to the fact that the game is fresh, and we are all still trying to find the meta, we want players that are comfortable with constructive critisism, this goes both ways, as of giving and recieving.

Playing hours as of now is as much as possible, at least four times a week. If these requirements does not fulfill your schedule or background we appreciate if you look other places.

If you have any questions or if you are interested feel free to add me on steam.