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Hello guys,
it's been so long i haven't used this website god damn, i used to be nicknamed "vexyla" back in the days, i was also ~15 at the time i used to play PMod (which means i must've been a dumbass to talk to).
Yeah i'm looking for a team to reach a pretty high level, i'd like to play with players who've had good experience in past FPS so i don't have to teach the basics etc.
-Can speak english (played in EU teams my whole life)
-CoD4 3k hours exp (academy), CSGO played in ESEA O + With IM / Main teams in scrims/tournies/cups (as IGL).
-I can play any role (can also IGL very easily). steam

I can play every night, i have a dayjob and school but most of it happens during daytime. I'm ready to grind with the right experienced people.


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10:36pm Feb 27th 18

fake blonde @blonde


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10:40pm Feb 27th 18

if this is the real you have to pick him up!

insane guy


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12:12am Feb 28th 18

fake blonde @blonde

Quote from aero77 on the 27th of February 2018
Damn never knew about another dude named blonde, to be fair i nick'd myself blonded.
i'm just a cod4 scrub my dude~