GER/EU 2 cod2/4 exp. player...

GER/EU 2 cod2/4 exp. players LFT

GER/EU 2 cod2/4 exp. players LFT

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Hey folks,

we are currently looking for a BT1944 team.

´we´, that is N1FTYYY and me phaenr

We have been playing CoD2/ CoD4 for ages, esl, cb, cg and we also went to Brussels TUP LAN CoD4 in 2015. Plus N1FTYYY went to lots of lans across europe (cod2/cod4).

For the last few years we have been playing CS:GO(~4000 hrs).

Now we arediggin into BT1944 competitively and looking for opportunities.

Feel free to add me on steam.


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Pm mal wir suchen +2