EU Experienced player LFT

EU Experienced player LFT

EU Experienced player LFT

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2:28pm Feb 8th 18

[EU] Highly experienced player lft for Battalion 1944.
24 years old living in germany
Former Overwatch professional. Top 20 EU and best german team during
pre-season and season one. ESL Hall of Fame member for the game Brink.
Player for several bigger and smaller organisations in several games.
I played MOH:Spearhead for more than 2k hours and CoD4:Promod for more
than 1k hours.
I´ve been playing Battalion since the late Alphas i think it was 0.7 or 0.8 and therefore obviously i already have some scrim experienced but sadly missed out on the tournaments. I play rather offensive and therefore prefer to play as a pathfinder but
I am also able to play other positions aswell.
I am a calm and thoughtful player who can handle critique well and improve based on it.
I got the time the motivation and the dedication to go fulltime in this game.
Currently I am able to play from basically anytime in the afternoon till 12pm cest
from early May on i will have even more time.

I am looking for a team:
With the goal to become one of the best teams.
In regards of training I am looking for something in between
5-6 days a week and 4-6 hours training (more if necesarry to prepare for tournaments)
Also people should be willing to spent time on the game out of scheduled trainings to improve themselves

If you are interested in scheduling tryouts or want to know more about me feel free to contact me
discord Whhaayy#4761


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8:58pm Feb 14th 18

gl strong player


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2:13pm Feb 15th 18

gl, seems like you're a decent player