CGAC Auth Keys Reset

CGAC Auth Keys Reset

CGAC Auth Keys Reset

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7:54pm Jan 11th 18

Some of you might've already noticed, some of you not. Today we have changed CGAC auth keys for all users due to some people sending CGAC folder together with config which contained their user ID and auth key in past when updater was not working.

What this means is you will need to re-enter new auth key to CGAC. In order to find it please go to:
Profile -> Profile, Games & Forums -> Game IDs

Sorry for any caused inconvenience, but this had to be done.

If for some abnormal reason in future you need to send CGAC folder to someone, please don't send them yours, rather use this link:

In case that link doesn't work also and your only option is to send someone your CGAC folder, make sure you delete config folder from there before sending it. Otherwise those people will be able to login to your account and will be connected with your PC.