CoD2 fps lagg

CoD2 fps lagg

CoD2 fps lagg

Thread started by SKYRRR on Tuesday, 4:09pm December 26th with 4 replies. Views: 949


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4:09pm Dec 26th 17

Hellooo all. (Sorry my eng language is bad)
So,five days ago continuously fps lagg..
2minute 333 fix fps,next time 5minute 40-70 fps.
affinity is on 4core processor. And not run other program. Just cod2.
Stem cod2 too and download game too.

My computer:
AMD Phenom IIx2b55 4x3,2ghz.
PATRIOT ram 1866mhz 8gb.
GTX 960 oc dddr5 2gb.
ASUS motherboard.


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4:28pm Dec 26th 17 and edited 12:18am Dec 27th 17

i had same prob i just cleaned my pc from dust and changed thermal paste(procesor paste) and it was ok again


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11:27pm Dec 26th 17

ty man


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5:49pm Jan 3rd 18

/r_multigpu 1 ^^


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9:48am Jan 16th 18

try not to alt+tab when ure in game, it happens to me sometimes too