Micro Stuttering

Micro Stuttering

Micro Stuttering

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5:27am Dec 23rd 17 and edited 4:33pm Jan 5th 18

So basically about 2 weeks ago I noticed that my COD2 movement starting making like a micro stutter at times when I am playing. The most noticeable time is when i'm stafe jumping you would notice the micro stutter.

What I've done:

Formatted with Clean Win7 Install - Still stuttering
Tried a different mouse - still stuttering
With and Without CGAC - still stuttering
With only 1 monitor - still stuttering
Tried different gfx card - still stuttering
Tried offline, Single Player - still stuttering
Tried New Keyboard - still stuttering

The lagometer is smooth.
Fps Doesn't move from 250
All CPUs Affiliated.

All temps monitored on after burner seem to be fine.

Is this all in my head or has anyone else encountered this problem before. It's making life harder when playing. Hope some genius has the answer


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5:21pm Dec 23rd 17

Disk Usage? Give me TV so I can have a look for u.


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5:30am Dec 24th 17

Explain what you mean by disk usage?


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5:31pm Dec 24th 17

What he meant is that your disk usage could be at 99-100% usage all the time which causes your game to stutter.

Go to cmd and run it as admin, type: net.exe stop "Windows search" (exactly with upper letters as I wrote it, with quote marks) hit enter and then press windows key and R on your keyboard, type in: services.msc, slide down to find superfetch, go to it's properties and make sure it's disabled and disabled on startup.

Also, disable any other apps running in background, chrome makes my cod stutter more than usual. Razer synapse etc.

If you haven't, try disabling the xbox app if you are on windows 10. You can find those on google.
Maybe disabling aero on windows, try that too.

Also I'd recommend chaning paste on both gpu and cpu and try cleaning hardware with compressed air. Even though temps are a-okay it could rid you the stutter you get.


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5:39pm Dec 24th 17

Thank you I will try these.


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4:32pm Jan 5th 18

Bump any other suggestions? I came across this guys thread and it explains things a bit more on what exactually is happening.