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Call of Duty 1 Online Cup 13-14th of January.

Call of Duty 1 Online Cup 13-14th of January.

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Game servers for CoD1 Cup provides - Best gaming servers!


1st - Le Magic Team [350€]
2nd - Lamy z Panamy [250€]
3rd - Power of Retro [150€]
4th - punk52 [100€]
5-6th - GotOwned and matchbox [50€]


You need to buy Cd key on steam for 13€ or somewhere else. Servers will be only for original cd keys. Thanks for understanding.

"PAYMENTS for CoD1 CUP are open, send 80€ per team here:

Bank account:
IBAN: BE51 7380 1017 9362
Name of the receiver: Mathias Ulburghs

or PayPal:
[email protected]

Please specify your TEAM NAME in description of the payment!
The entry fee goes directly to Cybergamer ADMINS, 100% of the entry fees gonna be divided in TOP6 teams!

DEADLINE of payments is 10.1.2018 so make sure to pay as soon as possible.


Add your team here please:

Please all interested teams/player join here:

UPDATE #1: We are planning to organize another CoD 1 LAN [1.5 S&D 5vs5] NEXT YEAR IN PRAGUE so stay tuned!

UPDATE #2: For better communication or searching some matches - ADD HERE:

UPDATE #3: In order to avoid cheaters, we are adding a new rule:
CyberGamer AntiCheat Mandatory!
Therefore we are forced to create a "cup" here on cybergamer [it means each match will be here on CG and will have own ID]

Download from the link bellow:

Download CoD 1.5 HERE:!59ZDBYbT!mTh3VUJ--eo2dJtsFqf6kgCl7Z6vEdweHxPzOuxCxoQ
Download punkbuster HERE:!8p4nkD7B!XTIUfCibh5aVaF4H3_80FQTRGyL8xB10YqtYcO3tXUo

- NOT CRACKED unfortunately

You can try 1.5 here, edit your settings, train your aim, whatever you want.

Hello everyone

after successfull CoD1 Lan on November which MuRdOc realized in Prague, we decided to create another competitive event - CoD1 online tournament.

Therefore we would like to invite all CoD1 active players and teams that want join this cup.

Estimated rules and ideas:

Date: 13-14th of January, 5pm cca
Place: Original servers
Mode: Search & Destroy 5vs5, all weapons, 1.5 patch, mr12, PAM 1.08
Start: 13th of January - Group stage [time will be established]
End: 14th of Janury - play off [Double Elimination]
Entry fee: 80 € / team |||
- prizemoney with 32 teams: 2500 €
- prizemoney with 25 teams: 1950 €
- prizemoney with 20 teams: 1560 €
- prizemoney with 16 teams: 1250 €
Registration: Opened [unlimited number of teams and every team is welcome]
Prizemoney: TBA [100% of registration fees will be divided to top6 teams]

Admins in english language:
Admins in czech language:

Streamers in english language:
[img][/img] Keso and [img][/img] lennzy
Streamers in czech language:
[img][/img] Magna_TV
Moviemaker for this cup
[img][/img] spoky


Send your registrations to comments bellow OR send Team name, nicknames and country on [email protected] Thank you.

Highlights from last CoD 1 Lan by hungarian team punk52



[img][/img] kaaris:$
[img][/img] Lepi//
[img][/img] teqi-
[img][/img] apex
[img][/img] m1cha.
[img][/img] vosak
[img][/img] Facly:>
[img][/img] supreme.
[img][/img] saS
[img][/img] fURBYx
[img][/img] badkidz1ckje
[img][/img] RcO


[img][/img] [CiTRONS] cruel, setta, plastiq, diego, felo
[img][/img] [CyberGlobe] swe3ty_, kisscool, txc, janus, Mafi
[img][/img] [ESGA.GG] Mamboh, lomalex, Bigger, dodaaa, Radza
[img][/img] [Matchbox] Hoglm, necho, mobr, celeb, sbT
[img][/img] [Kolegove] waaKy, sharkY, b.sakul, warking, prcek-
[img][/img] [Power of Retro] MAXX, AmbiiiK, manasek, Ares, p!ko_
[img][/img] [dws] vaca, Caesar, spax, carodey, RmZ!
[img][/img] [Apocalypse] Indike, Thoraxx, Kuzelka, hrac4, hrac5
[img][/img] [Lamy z Panamy] v0lc0m!, F!N, JeromeB, xEon, Goodiee, morrow
[img][/img] [fuXid] park89, Mira64!, beaster, trunkfu, demoniac
[img][/img] [Krysomuti] element, CerT!x, frenk, zrt, Dr3ider_, prestooon
[img][/img] [Vceli Medvidci] nemec_, koblich, mesic, cofi, Verso!
[img][/img] [Abstract team] miki, EjMr, iluze, TBA, TBA
[img][/img] [darkbrotherhood] maxx_, hectic, rpst, SleiP, TBA
[img][/img] [Gilmore Girls] eMko, Sarens, George, beRg, eNy
[img][/img] [CODE5INSOMNIA] hEROD, PuPi, Cpt.Hamza, blejd, myss
[img][/img] [The Myth of] Fade, mizery, Aussie, rONOx, SNK, kiki, THAL1D
[img][/img] [punk52] asthma, AGAZZ1, boceY, HaM[!], meta, showtime
[img][/img] [SUPERKIDS] bazsa, bEnju, BURN, r1VERSE, Sp1RiT
[img][/img] [WoD] armaa, choke, alex, f!st, $zotY!, r4ptor, phoenix
[img][/img] [Wasteland] McFly, gerydoss, wrmzz, nightmare, JimmY
[img][/img] [Team Overide] YeyE, octo, azer, clement, GuiGui, ArnO37
[img][/img] [040], sjappi, TBA
[img][/img] [GotOwned] Nervvvv, gdmk, ASSE, Kuba, qT*
[img][/img] [Le Magic Team!] majkiiEh, BLIDOGG, Voy4k, Carbon, prm, JanzwE
[img][/img] [TBA] jaroslav, d4vid, marco, nico, rQm
[img][/img] [SLO] LoVeR-PBG, Samkey, MaKaRon, Thug4Life, Tyke, Bajo, Emek
[img][/img] [remember] wormi, shubb, typ_er, maximilian, vantrax, visor
[img][/img] [Messrs] brdck, vztx, yumm, ikky, blur
[img][/img] [balkan5] luchoyaw, ph0b, TBA, TBA, TBA
[img][/img] [eclipse] earth, pke, autor, kaoty, KarmA
[img][/img] [GoldenFive] EmSixTeen, stoveysaurus, avRage, Jamie, Purrify


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10:49pm Dec 8th 17

lets goo!


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11:13pm Dec 8th 17

best cod ever



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11:17pm Dec 8th 17

The netherlands - 040 interested sjappi tba .


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11:22pm Dec 8th 17

I mean our nation is NL, our name is 040 and were interested


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11:24pm Dec 8th 17

dont u have more nicknames to announce?


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11:51pm Dec 8th 17

skilleri estranky se zajimaj dam vedet waaakyy


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1:40am Dec 9th 17

MAAAN this sounds DOPE I wish my 1.5 team still played buuuhuuuu :'(


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8:42am Dec 9th 17

get some old ppl then B-) force em to install


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10:20am Dec 9th 17

great initiative, keep it up, cod1neverdies


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11:15am Dec 9th 17

Most definitely interested in this. Not really in contact with anyone who used to play cod1 back in the days though so it might take a while before I can get a full lineup together.


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11:16am Dec 9th 17

I can cast!


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11:52am Dec 9th 17

lennzy u would like to stream? Ofcourse if u want


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1:52pm Dec 9th 17

lennzy u would like to stream? Ofcourse if u want :)

Quote from waaKy on the 9th of December 2017

is 10mb/UPLOAD sec enough to stream? I can cast np but uploading footage might be a small problem


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3:14pm Dec 9th 17

can play if needed can motivate some old french cod1 player