Looking for TDM server

Looking for TDM server

Looking for TDM server

Thread started by darl1Ng on Sunday, 12:40am November 26th with 5 replies. Views: 738


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12:40am Nov 26th 17

Hello, Just started playing cod2 what tdm server you suggest?


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4:51am Nov 26th 17

SPARTA servers have a fair amount of hackers on them (regularly), I'd go for [UdSSR] servers. (tdm) (sd) (dm) (their "fun" server, custom maps including aim maps)


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5:35am Nov 26th 17

Thank you !


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11:43am Nov 26th 17

@darl1Ng cod4 community coming back to cod2?


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12:19pm Nov 26th 17

@darl1Ng 1v1 me anytime


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3:55pm Nov 27th 17

I still wait for someone to give me few hackers-free servers.
Love to play occasional rifle DM, so if there's any hidden servers out there - feel free to link me them.