FaLcoN ~ & facilos | LAN 2017...

FaLcoN ~ & facilos | LAN 2017 Germany Stream

FaLcoN ~ & facilos | LAN 2017 Germany Stream

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It will be hard for me to talk entire day and I already said that i am not pro shoutcaster but since we are all here for some great Cod2 time, i want to give our community some nice memories of this game which we kinda all grown up with and to this day we like to play beetween each other. I understand that there is sometimes ego controling our behavior and sometimes we say something that we are not proud of to each other , including myself of course, but i know that most of us here are respecting each other and like each other otherwise we would not play this game anymore with anyone, but saying that I also know that there are some simply idiotic-minded people who don't even understand what I just said, but they are not focus of our topic here. You already know that I can't come to LAN myself but since I couldn't come I could stream LAN matches for you to have it. Me and our fella facilos will stream 2 matches from each of the groups. Here are our twitch links so you choose which match you like to watch, and give us your support. I will also leave teamspeak address here so anyone who would like to say something to someone for example to f1ashy ( I am kidding ), you can join in with me. Teamspeak room will have password so add me on cg to give it to you on cg page. Also this is official thread and I am willing to do the stream but if something changes and if I couldn't stream for some reason I will let you know here. GL to all of you guys at LAN and have a great time in Germany, drive safe and don't drink while driving cuz you can spill some beer xD, kidding, I don't drink myself so I advise others not to do it also ^^. Love you all.

Start time: 17 / 11 / 2017 at 15 : 00 and 18 / 11 / 2017 at 11 : 00.

Twitch Link #1 : https://www.twitch.tv/facilos

Twitch Link #2 : https://www.twitch.tv/falcon_ba

Teamspeak address : TS password: bitange, Room Name: TLS LAN


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10:57am Nov 16th 17



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10:59am Nov 16th 17

Good stuff, guys! Thanks!


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1:13pm Nov 16th 17

I will defo be tuning in. Good job!


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1:17pm Nov 16th 17

will be near .. good luck everyone and have a safe trip


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3:50pm Nov 16th 17

good luck everyone


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4:50pm Nov 16th 17

Thanks for streaming


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6:24pm Nov 16th 17

if someone is missing a player I have the chance to replace someone and come tomorrow, I still have the skill, write to me or facebook: Mayday Milan

11:41pm Nov 16th 17

prosi za lajkove na tsu


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6:47pm Nov 17th 17

wtf is this shit?

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6:54pm Nov 17th 17

I can't connect to LAN server , something is blockin me from server side, and facilos is fixin his stream.

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6:54pm Nov 17th 17

We are workin on it.


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8:59pm Nov 17th 17

You are banned from talking in facilos for 544 more seconds.

I didn't even flame or swear or anything wtf


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9:11pm Nov 17th 17


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5:52am Nov 19th 17

You are banned from talking in facilos for 544 more seconds.

I didn't even flame or swear or anything wtf

Quote from Vanir on the 17th of November 2017

I think it's the automatic ban for spamming I guess, cuz I am banned also and I highly doupt that facilos banned me, so don't worry he didn't ban you for sure.