Platform like xfire?

Platform like xfire?

Platform like xfire?

Thread started by masax on Thursday, 12:55pm November 9th with 18 replies. Views: 2,118


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12:55pm Nov 9th 17

Hi, I still like to play cod2 and I think many people do but after xfire closed their site and program aswell, cod2 popularity went down a lot because we all used xfire to communicate and play together.

My question is : Is there any program like xfire which we can use to make this game back alive?
I have googled a bit and I saw GSC, it doesnt look bad but has some bugs..
And evolve yeah, it kinda sucks to be honest. You only see if someone is playing a game, you dont see any other information like we had with xfire..

Anyone with a better alternative??


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1:02pm Nov 9th 17



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1:04pm Nov 9th 17

simple, just use steam. I have a lot of players from cod2 on my steam or idd discord


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1:07pm Nov 9th 17

But does it has the features of xfire? like server browser etc?


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1:09pm Nov 9th 17

Is there any group of cod2 to keep the players in touch?


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1:10pm Nov 9th 17

There's no server to browse anymore


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1:11pm Nov 9th 17

- Gametracker to search for servers
- Steam to chat with friends
- HLSW to save servers, use rcon, ftp access, mIRC etc
- Discord to voice and text among friends


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1:21pm Nov 9th 17

This is what i get when i want to register to HLSW

The website cannot display the page

HTTP 500

Most likely causes:
•The website is under maintenance.
•The website has a programming error.

What you can try:

Refresh the page.

Go back to the previous page.

More information More information


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1:24pm Nov 9th 17

Discord!! ;)


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1:40pm Nov 9th 17

I have HLSW. I always check 'server details' in this program. Back in the day i used to log in on the program. But last couple months I always use the program 'offline' you can enter the IPs of servers here and can see if a server is full / how many players are on the server / frags of each player / where the server is located.

Basically use steam/discord/evolve to communicate and use HLSW to gain server details. That's how I do it.


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4:33pm Nov 9th 17 and edited 4:43pm Nov 9th 17

From Londerzeel? awkward, I'm from Londerzeel as well and looking at your name I know who you are, didn't know you played cod2. Anyways, steam and discord seem to be the main platforms to keep in contact with others.


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8:18pm Nov 9th 17

R.I.P. xfire


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9:07pm Nov 9th 17

R.I.P. xfire

Quote from Dutchboy on the 9th of November 2017
R.I.W (rest in weed) this should be yours in stead of rip


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9:38pm Nov 9th 17

lol just add ppl on CG and talk with them


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9:41pm Nov 9th 17

rip xfire