TLSA Team Preview: Team Unexpe...

TLSA Team Preview: Team Unexpected

TLSA Team Preview: Team Unexpected

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2:49pm Oct 25th 17

Team Unexpected


Expected lineup:

Unex have been a constant presence at international CoD2 lan tournaments all the way since TLS1 in Prague. While they were more of a mix team at the beginning, they have become one of the premiere lineups in recent years, which is a testament to savu's work, who was patiently building his team since those first appearances until now. They have recently won the TSA lan and have finished fourth at the last FSL lan, so they have serious results to speak for them and carry their momentum into TLSA. Their lineup is practically the same, except for the k1rba for benq switch.

Players to watch out for:
[IMG][/IMG]nodyxz - aka the Bosnian Beast - one of the most feared snipers and players in general in CoD2 today, he is definitely the biggest threat in this lineup in any given game and is an amazing talent, without a doubt. Unex' rise was very closely linked to his inclusion into the lineup, so expect him to carry the team to further success at the upcoming event. He even lives in Munich, so should feel at home at the event.
[IMG][/IMG]nuni - the man of many talents, a youtube sensation, a talent show singer, and a great CoD2 player - nuni has been in the scene for many many years and is still one of the most active, dedicated, and fun people to play with. He does have his on and off days, so consider him as a very important piece of the puzzle here, because unex will be very hard to beat if he performs to the best of his abilities. An all-rounder, too.

serious momentum from previous events, one of the best players in CoD2 in nodyxz, strong practice and teamwork

a lineup change - can k1rba really fill benq's shoes offline, some players ermine at times, can get very emotional in play

Definitely one of the teams to beat. Were very close to finishing in the top 3 last time and are taking their training very seriously again. There is one big question, though, and that is to what extent can k1rba replace benq's (became a pro pubg player) amazing performances from the previous events. He was more than an instrumental part of the lineup and was a consistent performer pretty much on the same level as nodyxz. K1rba has not wowed at TLS3 by any means, so he will have to step up his lan game big time to fill benq's shoes. Their big ambition, which is definitely to win the whole thing, will depend on this very much, among other things. Will be a very tough team to beat in a BO3 for anyone, regardless.

final four


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2:49pm Oct 25th 17

lol at the logo size


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3:24pm Oct 25th 17

That was my first reaction aswell @d3do that logo is massive :D!

Good team, nice people aswell


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3:30pm Oct 25th 17

@nuni let's drink cola together buddy <3


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10:09pm Oct 25th 17

@nuni pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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10:32pm Oct 25th 17

secret anti strat: kill nody win round!


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11:29pm Oct 25th 17

secret wikipedia history, last LAN beaten by the dutchies in groupstage with 13-6!


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11:32pm Oct 25th 17