FaLcoN | PRE - LAN Germany Nig...

FaLcoN | PRE - LAN Germany Nightcup Stream Live

FaLcoN | PRE - LAN Germany Nightcup Stream Live

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12:09am Oct 22nd 17

Since I am not playing in the cup, I am willing to stream nightcup tommorow for you guys from spectator so feel free to join. Also I will leave teamspeak address here so if anyone wants to shoutcast with me or say hello to somebody you can do it. One of the players from one of the teams in every match should join on teamspeak with me before match starts and give me IP and PW from server so I can join or you can simply add me on cg and leave me ip and pw on cg page, don't forget to do that before match starts xD. Start time : 18 : 00.

Twitch Link : https://www.twitch.tv/falconcod2

Teamspeak : , Teamspeak PW : bitange, Room name : NC Stream


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6:08pm Oct 22nd 17

We are live guys now ! GL TO ALL


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5:49pm Nov 1st 17

Nice Falcon really great colors

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5:52pm Nov 1st 17

Some say that it is too bright so i lowered it for LAN, and yea btw, i will maybe stream LAN matches with facilos, so you guys at home can watch it. I will let you know in this thread or maybe we will make a new one, one way or the other we will let you know.