CG Website design work

CG Website design work

CG Website design work

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10:54am Oct 12th 17

Hello everyone, we're looking for someone to redesign the CG website's front end from scratch. This would be paid work, if you run your own design company we'd be happy to give you a shout-out that the website was designed by you, but we'd not be putting a "designed by XXX" permanently in the footer of the site etc.

The website would need to support quite a few of the existing features of the site, but not all of them.

The website would need to use the latest standards. In particular it would need to use bootstrap grid support:

If you're interested, we'd need you to do a mock up of at least the homepage, but probably also another page or two. We'd also like to see what previous work you've done.

This would be quite a large undertaking, the website design would continue to need to support at least the following pages of the site:

- homepage
- user profile page
- team profile page
- tournament page, etc
- ladder system -
- league system -
- Match page:
- PUG system
- Support system
- forum listing, forum threads
- support for background skin on all pages of the website (can be hidden on mobile etc)
- support for standard advert sizes in most pages of the site is important, ie 728x90, 300x250 banners.

Premium users/teams should also stand-out from regular users where relevant.

The main menu of the site is important to allow tabs between PC/PS/XBOX and options to choose between AU/EU/NA.

The live chat, user activity, smartbar that already exists on-top of the site currently would probably need to remain pretty similar to how it is now.

Whoever we end up hiring would need to be able to continue to design additional features/changes after release as needed.

You're welcome to contact me via:



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10:57am Oct 12th 17

Gonna be so nice to see a change up, hopefully a good artist follows through


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10:57pm Oct 12th 17

Sounds good. The forum navigation needs to be simpler imo.


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5:50pm Oct 16th 17

Go for it


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3:06am Oct 17th 17

Re-design the old Clanbase website <3


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8:41pm Oct 17th 17



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3:36pm Oct 18th 17

Sound interesting, sent a PM


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6:03pm Oct 18th 17

Re-design the old Clanbase website <3

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5:23am Aug 11th 22

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