Need help with dual pc stream...

Need help with dual pc stream setup

Need help with dual pc stream setup

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As the title says, i need a little bit of help with setting up my stream. Not so long ago I bought a new PC so basically I have 2 PC's at the moment and I just wanted to try out getting a streaming setup done with 2 PC's. The reason I wanna 'try this out' is that i'd like to stream other games more heavier and cpu-intensive games such as gta v and pubg and other games that will come in future (without to many fps drops)

I've been reading the guide that twitch made for this link But i can't really get it fixed. As expected, i am having issues with transferring the sound. First time when I followed this guide i somehow made the audio work, but there was still some delay/bad quality so I tried other stuff and I completely lost the audio. Besides that I have been reading/watching quite alot of videos and most of them aren't realy clear to me and i am definetly not planning on buying one of those 'mixers' because i just wanna try it out without and i dont realy want to invest into this.

GTX 1070
Amd ryzen 7 1700
16gb corsair ram

GTX 770
Intel 4770k
16gb of ram

I hope there is someone out there who can help me with this.

You can contact me here on CG (private messages), or add me on steam


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2:46pm Oct 3rd 17

get ground loop isolator, should get rid of buzzing sounds and desync and all the bad stuff