Can i stream cod2

Can i stream cod2

Can i stream cod2

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6:16pm Sep 28th 17

Im wondering could I stream cod2 at 720p60fps or 1080p60fps with theese specs with constant framerate of 250?

Os: Windows 8.1 64bit
Gpu: gtx 970 superclocked
Cpu: i5 6600K (boosted to 4.4)
Ram: 16GB ddr4 2133mhz
Hdd: 2TB and 512gb ssd

My upload speed is around 20mbps
And what program for streaming would you suggest?


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6:43pm Sep 28th 17

yeah , and obs

7:21pm Sep 28th 17

rwb tard

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7:28pm Sep 28th 17



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12:36pm Sep 29th 17

Yeah definitely and with good quality too.

1080p and 720p won't make much of a difference. In case your cpu gets choked by 1080p stream, you can downscale it to 720

Put 'tick' to VBR (variable bitrate) and you can put it to 3500 and don't use custom buffer size
Set CRF to 5 (lower - better quality, higher - better performance, at least I think what that does)

Chose preset between veryfast and faster. The slower preset you select, the more cpu is used for encoding the video.
Select 32 samples(lanczos) in Video options
Also you can rightclick on your Gamecapture (cod2) in scenes and go over to scale filtering and put that to lanczos aswell so you minimize the watering/pixels on your stream

You should get clean stream and with that setup I don't think you will drop frames.

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1:36pm Sep 29th 17

Thanks for sharing that much appreciate