Failed to connect to the server

Failed to connect to the server

Failed to connect to the server

Thread started by nasty_nappy_Butcher on Tuesday, 7:14pm September 19th with 9 replies. Views: 3,139

7:14pm Sep 19th 17

Hey guys,

i have downloaded cgac an completed the installation.
But when i start than the window shortly appears and than closes instant.

The window consist of following messages.

Checking for updates, please wait.
Default server not found, working on Europe.
Failed to connect to the server.

Here is a screenshot of the window.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

Best regard nnB


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7:48pm Sep 19th 17

welcome back nasty_nappy_butcher, you know me on esl old times 2006-08?

Well, I just figured out how to solve this (it worked for me):

One of your friends has to send you their CGAC folder.
Upload everything except the folder named "data" (it contains config, which probably contains log-in infos)
Copy and replace every file into your CGAC folder.

2:23am Sep 20th 17


and yeah of course i can remember you :)
Nice to see that someone knows me after ten years ;D

btt: ==================================

Threat can be closed.
Problem was avira antivirus.
Need do close it and than install and play.

Later i figured out that i can add exceptions to avira antivirus.
So no problems now.

Happy Fragging :D


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6:55pm Sep 23rd 17

Same problem since last week.

Does anybody can send me these files?

Even after removing avira and reinstall, still blocked


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7:38pm Sep 23rd 17

any one can give me the anticheat program i cant update

kapteeni molo

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8:45pm Sep 23rd 17
You can find a download link in that thread.


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11:12am Sep 24th 17



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2:04pm Nov 1st 17

can u send me these files like before ??? link expired


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2:20pm Nov 1st 17

can u send me these files like before ??? link expired :(

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2:00pm Mar 28th 21

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