Happy Bday Miss

Happy Bday Miss

Happy Bday Miss

Thread started by Dutchboy on Wednesday, 11:50am June 14th with 11 replies. Views: 1,568


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11:50am Jun 14th 17

Hello everyone!!

Our own dear creator and developer of CGAC became one year older.

It is his birthday and i would like to take this moment to thanks @Myss (Miss) for everything that he has done for COD2 and the CG community.
One of the best guys i have ever met, wih a lot of program knowlegde (sick!)
I was very happy when i heared @Myss was taking the time to actually create an anti-cheat for CoD2 again.
He all did this in his free time and his own knowlegde and we are still thankful for that.

Enjoy your date mate and party hard! You deserved it.



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11:51am Jun 14th 17

Happy bday!


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12:30pm Jun 14th 17

Happy birthday and enjoy your day!


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12:41pm Jun 14th 17

Happy bday


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1:06pm Jun 14th 17

Happy birthday


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1:32pm Jun 14th 17

Happy Birthday.


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2:15pm Jun 14th 17

Happy Bday !

Lepi //

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3:00pm Jun 14th 17

Happy Birthday m8!


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10:11pm Jun 14th 17

Sve najbolje :DD


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12:09am Jun 15th 17

Happy Birthday


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3:15am Jun 15th 17

wish you all the best


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10:25am Jun 15th 17

Thanks Dutchboy and co.