CG EU Login Issues [FIXED]

CG EU Login Issues [FIXED]

CG EU Login Issues [FIXED]

Thread started by GoTTi on Monday, 10:36am May 29th with 2 replies. Views: 1,976


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10:36am May 29th 17

We are currently facing issues with the login to the EU page. This issue has been forwarded to the support team already and will be looked into ASAP.

For all users who are logged in already we suggest to not log out at this time as you won't be able to login after.

I will update this thread once this is fixed.


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1:26pm May 29th 17

I cant see friends nor can i search games in the LFS section, its always empty.

No WaY>

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6:40pm May 29th 17

Login is back