Awaiting Connection .. - Solved

Awaiting Connection .. - Solved

Awaiting Connection .. - Solved

Thread started by mavalam on Sunday, 10:55pm May 7th with 10 replies. Views: 5,552


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10:55pm May 7th 17

Wait it out till it's on 100.
Worked 11/11 times when I tried it.
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11:00pm May 7th 17

better solution is to make the server cracked / problem officer is here

kuusi palaa

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11:02pm May 7th 17

its still awaiting connection on one of my computers


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12:38am May 8th 17

Or you could actually play good ga... oh wait people don't make those anymore


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12:55am May 8th 17



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11:10am May 8th 17

xddd, just press reconnect milion times in a row and u will be conected to server XD


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2:44pm May 8th 17

Sent 50euro, thank you very much mav!


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5:02pm May 8th 17

connect on a server, if its not working wait till (awaiting connection 5) /reconnect, minimize the game and dont open it until you hear sound of the game. Works for me


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6:15pm May 8th 17

try to reconnect @ awaiting connection 2, usually it helps


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11:23am May 10th 17

100 dont work for me, sometimes i must go till 200. its such a dumb problem, connecting for 5-10 minutes..
Reconnect in a row dont work me.


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6:53pm May 13th 17

i had it on cracked and non cracked, BUT, problem ist solved - the problem was IPv6 and DS-Lite