[COD4] Installation problems (...

[COD4] Installation problems ("Produktinformationen werden veröffentlicht") - Win10, 64bit

[COD4] Installation problems ("Produktinformationen werden veröffentlicht") - Win10, 64bit

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4:18pm Apr 29th 17 and edited 6:22pm Apr 29th 17

If i m gonna start the game, it tells me that it is already installed, which is not the case.


I just can start it with click on "setup.exe", but it works then.


Thats the point where it stops, i ve been waiting over a hour and i tried it multiple times but it still dont work/goes on with the installation.


I already tried to change the compatibility mode, still dont work.

Help would be appreciated


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4:41pm Apr 29th 17

Nice language would read if I could.


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5:11pm Apr 29th 17

Keep it in english.


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5:23pm Apr 29th 17

der hund ist spacieren gegangen


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5:50pm Apr 29th 17

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6:56pm Apr 29th 17

Had the same problem, you have to copy all the files to the desktop to any folder. On windows10 it's not possible to install cod4 from CD/DVD, idk why but it simply doesn't work


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7:29pm Apr 29th 17

Probably corrupted disc, try to copy all the files and install from HDD. If it fails, just get the game from somewhere else :^) and enter your cd-key.

As for installing on Win10, I had no issues.

voddY <3

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9:00am Apr 30th 17

der hund ist spacieren gegangen

Quote from s4rrzur)) on the 29th of April 2017


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1:11pm Apr 30th 17

registry clean, then reinstall.
it will work.

Also don't force it, it will get stuck at finalizing settings