Sam the Scam Lockton (Brown)

Sam the Scam Lockton (Brown)

Sam the Scam Lockton (Brown)

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3:34pm Apr 10th 17 and edited 12:14pm Jul 28th 21

Just wondering, what made you find out that he is still active today supreme? Because if I remember correct, he was busy with teamsublime back in the day aswell.

Quote from irreeL on the 10th of April 2017

Original thread: As some of you may know, Sam Brown (previously known as Sam Lockton) is responsible for the theft of €1400,- by organizing a fake LAN event in 2011.
This notorious scammer and deadbeat dad is still active in the gaming community:
His social media:
Owner of Team Sublime:

This thread is to raise awareness regarding Sam Brown who stole money from the Call of Duty community.
Hopefully this will be among the first hits when someone decides to Google his name!


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7:22pm Apr 10th 17

75 euro + interest


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11:18pm Apr 10th 17

Give my mates money back you scum, or I am gonna sit on you


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11:21pm Apr 10th 17

scammbled eggs


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11:40pm Apr 10th 17

Today morning his Twitter was public, now only friends have a privilege of seeing bullshit he posts.

As one of our beloved players would say: "You can't escape the hands of justice"


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2:23pm Apr 11th 17

I am in contact with this girlfriend (I believe). Unfortunately she doesn't believe me. She is saying something about a police report that was solved in 2011, I have never heard of this, does anyone know anything about this? Maybe @markb can get Allan to comment? He knows the most about this.


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2:40pm Apr 11th 17

So do it.
Cause I've seen the refunds. The police have seen the refined and that's why Sam never got a criminal record.

Sam refunded the UK teams
if there ever was a case, it was about them only

A guy from the Netherlands and Sweden for the police involved in Newcastle. Not the UK teams
Sam had to prove the refunds to the international teams to them.

Not sure if he lied to her or he actually faked proof of paying us back?


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2:50pm Apr 11th 17

aaaand she blocked me lmfao


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2:52pm Apr 11th 17

One thing is for sure Vioqor, we foreigners never got the money back (at least, my team back then didn't)..


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2:52pm Apr 11th 17

Did Sam delete his fb btw, or just block me?

Anyway, if you guys can still see his profile, his gf is Cheyenne Jean or something
maybe more she will believe us if more people message her


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5:21pm Apr 11th 17

allan got his money back only because he pretty much threated to turn up at his house. after some more dodging he eventualy got it back. as far as i am aware he was the only person to be refunded on the cod2 side. wouldnt know about cod4. turpo or wryyy nevr got ther money back


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5:31pm Apr 11th 17

16:31 - ? berry: guess only wal got money back
16:31 - ? berry: but noone else did

16:29 - FUFFEN-: yeah
16:29 - FUFFEN-: not repaid
16:30 - FUFFEN-: and robban was dealing with it


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6:09pm Apr 11th 17

I doubt hassling his Mrs will help. She's already with a guy who's recently walked out on his kid. A quick browse of twitter makes me suspect she thrives on bullshit. Sadly this is largely a waste of energy. The kids a loser, I doubt he could afford to pay the rest of the teams back even if wanted to.

I guess if everyone wanted to stick the boot in, they'd link the thread from facebook, twitter and such. This would help with the rankings, though Sam Brown is a much more generic name than Sam Lockton was.

I do find it funny that his scam is the first result I get on his previous name. :)

FYI: I did contact the police to ask how the Europeans would follow up the case. I remember getting a response, but it was in an old email address and I don't have it anymore. I also can't really remember what it said but I never opened up a case as a) I'd been paid back and b) I'd posted his address online and told him I was coming to visit, so I didn't think I was best placed to follow this up on everyones behalf. I wasn't specific and I see no reason why said police would have contacted him and presume he's just making shit up.


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6:13pm Apr 11th 17

I doubt the people that are after him are interested in getting refunded allan xD