cg chat ?

cg chat ?

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4:34pm Jan 24th 17

Is cg chat off ? Today i cant join chat. Idk why


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4:36pm Jan 24th 17

C H A T I S O F F !


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4:38pm Jan 24th 17

chat off-.-

MaipE -cya-

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4:47pm Jan 24th 17



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5:19pm Jan 24th 17

back online again.


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6:01am Jan 25th 17

back online again.

Quote from Dutchboy on the 24th of January 2017


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12:00pm Jan 25th 17

bump, can't create a new thread


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3:57pm Jan 25th 17



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4:44pm Jan 25th 17

When the website is under heavy load, the chat system is limited.


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5:56pm Jan 25th 17

just put it back on pls


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2:26am Aug 12th 19

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Can you be more specific?:

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What is this all about?:

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So what's the hitch?:

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