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[PC] - [SF] - Team Special Forces - Est. 1997

[PC] - [SF] - Team Special Forces - Est. 1997

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Please Visit Our TeamSpeak 3 Server!
Connect by visiting Team-SF.com/TS3

Website: Team-SF.com - Twitter: @Team_SF

Intro to Team Special Forces

Team Special Forces is a community of gamers from around the world that value maturity, excellence, and uncommon professionalism. Founded in 1997, it has been a veritable institution throughout the years, providing its members with a great community atmosphere and distinctive gaming experiences.With divisions in several popular multiplayer games, Team Special Forces offers a welcoming, stable, and enjoyable environment for the gamer that wants to become exceptional.

We invite anyone who is looking for a great community to play Rocket League with. We are open to all skill levels, whether you are looking for competition or even if you are looking to play casuals with friends! You can learn much more about our team on our website, Team-SF.com.

What does Team Special Forces offer that is different from other clans?

A stable, well-rounded community that has over 18 years of history.
A sizable group of active players who play daily.
Redundant, high-quality TeamSpeak 3 servers to provide 100% voice comms availability.
Active and engaged staff members who are open to your input and ideas.
Learning resources to help less experienced players reach their full potential.
Opportunity for advancement and the flexibility to choose your play options.

How old do I have to be to join?

Most of our members are in their 20s or 30s and some are a few decades older than that. You must be at least 16 years old to join Team Special Forces. We judge new members by their maturity, independent of their age or skill level.

How can I be sure that Team Special Forces is right for me?

The best thing you can do is to join our public TeamSpeak server, go into our Rocket League channel, and talk to our members. We gladly welcome visitors and the curious. Join us in game and play a few battles to make sure that our team experience is what you're looking for. We have many people online during prime time, so you're sure to meet some of our players!

How do I join Team Special Forces?

Please follow the instructions on the Join Us page of our website.

We know that you have many options to choose from, and we appreciate your consideration.
Please do not hesitate to contact one of our officers Frutz or LiL Saint! if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in Team Special Forces!


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9:58pm Feb 1st 17

Interested in joining the competitive Rocket League teams for Team Special Forces? Learn more about our policies:

How can I join/tryout for the competitive Rocket League teams?
Contact the Competition Officer for your region, found on the Roster Page. The Competition Officers will test your eligibility to play for the official Team Special Forces competitive teams.

Is there a skill/ranking requirement to join?
You must have a rank of Diamond I or above to be considered for a place.

What are the time requirements for competitive play?
The competitive teams practice x hours per week and compete in tournaments/leagues consisting of x hours per week.

Can I still compete if I don't make the competitive teams?
Yes, you can form a team with other SF members to compete in whichever leagues and tournaments you wish.

Who are the competitive players on the team?
When viewing the Roster, the competitive players have the blue COMP tag next to their name.

How many teams are there?
Currently, there are one North American and one European team each. However, more competitive teams may be added based on demand and necessity.

How many players are on each team?
Each team has three core members with one alternate.

What tournaments and leagues does Team Special Forces compete in?
The competitive teams participate in weekly tournaments, such as Gfinity, x, x.

If you have any question you are free to ask Zulu or Nikean