Roccat Kave xtd stereo mic pro...

Roccat Kave xtd stereo mic problems any suggestion?

Roccat Kave xtd stereo mic problems any suggestion?

Thread started by sabo- on Saturday, 5:46pm January 21st with 7 replies. Views: 1,569


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5:46pm Jan 21st 17

Yo,I bought new headphones roccat kave XTD stereo, sound works well but i cant adjust the microphone so can anyone help me? --> list of recording devices. I tried all of them put as defult device but didnt work.

I hope someone can help me

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6:43pm Jan 21st 17

Have you tried to turn on the mic button? No offence.


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6:44pm Jan 21st 17

What I did for mine was to desativate every mic besides the ones I wanted and set it as default device + on properties of the mic (in that ss) in the 2nd aba you have something like play thru this device or something like that and choose your headset.

PS: Dont forget to configurate your speakers device to stereo or 7.1 or else it might conflict with the headsets settings.

Give it a try and hf d:DDD


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8:19pm Jan 21st 17

Pokušaj da iskljucis ove prikljucke pa onda stavi na set as default communication device prvo ili drugo, vidi koje ce raditi.


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8:29pm Jan 21st 17

I tried each of them put as default device and noone working!

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2:06pm Jan 22nd 17

@sabo, onda idi trgu i reci da slusalice ne rade. (sry for my cro :D)


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5:11pm Jan 22nd 17


Downloaded new sound driver in HD VDeck he's marked with a green tick here is screenshot :

Sound works well but mic still didnt setup helppp


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11:25pm Nov 14th 21 and edited 11:31pm Nov 30th 21

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