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cb ranked 1 sd 2v2 [PL ladder]
ranked 10 2on2 eu ladder [teamname inoteam]
ranked 3 tdm 2on2 eu
ranked 3 tdm 1v1 eu
had about 1400 points in 1v1 sd, pleb rank anyway
been playing in many teams in the range of 1400-1600 points in the years of 2007-2011
Retired after 2k11 xD
now back in the business without any clue about CG and how all of this works, will probly need some guidance at start
-8 year old headset
-8 year old mouse
- my current computer has been there when i was writng down my first guid in 2007
-maximum fps in smoke topkek
I would preffer to play 2on2 since in my opinion its the most skill required ladder, but can adapt to a normal team as well
-cant play trench or snipe because its for pussies
- im a humble, mature guy
hire me
Also my acc was made like 2 weeks ago so i dont know how much time I need to wait untill I can play, can play some mixes and shit meanwhile
Also im not a hackerman


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1.0 patch