LFT COD2 LAN Forgotten Soldiers

LFT COD2 LAN Forgotten Soldiers

LFT COD2 LAN Forgotten Soldiers

Thread started by Dutchboy on Friday, 5:21pm December 30th with 8 replies. Views: 1,083


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5:21pm Dec 30th 16 and edited 1:55pm Jan 2nd 17

Since Gobl90 announced another LAN i have decided to go for it.

Searching for a main team to show up there. And since i really want to attend this time I decided to search a team early on. This way i am not forced into just played a couple of matches with mix guys but you actually able to establish team play. Hope to reach people who are dedicated and fun to play with

Name: Buddy
Nickname: Dutchboy, weedboy, afkboy?
Age: 23
From: The Netherlands
Pref role: Scope 2nd: Rifle/Semi-rifle
experience: Played with Dynamic eSports on Tomorrowlan.
Played with Brutality gamingcrew on TLS3.

Played 3 local LANS in Benelux: Team SMS (Strijdmakkers Spijkenisse) and Clan Lucky7.

Contact info:

Cybergamer PM
Evolve: Dutchboycod2
Steam: Dutchboycod2

Thanks and hope to see you all there at this amazing LAN!

Have fun on the battlefield.


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5:36pm Dec 30th 16

CoD2's best buddy!


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5:55pm Dec 30th 16

Thankyou paps, left grab a beer this time


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8:32pm Dec 30th 16

good luck!


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2:05am Dec 31st 16

gl dutch!


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1:52pm Jan 2nd 17

GO GO GO !! <3 time is running out,

Creating a team is also fine.


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5:38pm Jan 7th 17

BUMP Still looking.


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5:48pm Jan 7th 17



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4:36pm Jan 8th 17

gl jebem ti boga