[LAN] FULL - Outpost On Fire 5...

[LAN] FULL - Outpost On Fire 5 - 8th & 9th of April 2017

[LAN] FULL - Outpost On Fire 5 - 8th & 9th of April 2017

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Facebook event created.

It will help us generate more traffic towards the event.

Invite your teammates, invite people who are going to watch, basically anyone who's interested in the event.

FINAL PAYMENT DATE; 1st of April - 2017

[email protected] (Please remember that Paypal can charge fees!)

Entry Fee - €350 per team (€70 p.p)
Please ensure you're sending it to me as a personal gift and not as a business payment as you will be charged a fee!
With the payment please can you put your Team Name and Players Names attending!
Where is it?
Beggaardenstraat 6
2000, Antwerp

LANRULES http://eu.cybergamer.com/files/7087/

Tournament Structure:

Toornament App:

App includes:
- Schedule
- Team info
- Stream
- Results

Andriod dl: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oxent.toornamentapp
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toornament-esports/id974719460

After installing, open the app, go to the menu on the left side of your sceen, look for ''all tournaments by game'' click that, type in search ''OOF5''. The first result should be Outpost on Fire 5. Click on follow, so you won't have to search for it again.

(If you can't find it, make sure you uncheck ''featured'' in your filters)

What to bring?
- Keyboard
- Mouse / Mousepad
- Headset
- Config
- Keycode (If you're planning on playing online)

PC Specs
CPU: Intel I5 4690K
SSD: Intel 535 240Gb
Motherboard: Asus B85 Pro Gamer
Memory: Corsair CML 8GB 1600C9
GPU: Asus GTX970 Mini
PSU: Corsair CX430
Case: Corsair 330R Titanium
Lic: Windows 8.1 64 bit

14x ASUS-VX278H 27 INCH LED 1920X1080, 6x earlier edition of 24 INCH.

Contact (Evolve): uzuma
STEAM: uzumaaa

- uzuma

- Badkip (Head admin)

- Rikkz
- Tiggz

ESTIMATED PRIZE POOL (based on 16 teams)

1st €2500
2nd €1250
3rd €750


Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/IMG] 5Kings
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/IMG] TBA
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/IMG] maniaX
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/fr.png[/IMG] oRks
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/IMG] GRS.AOC
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/fr.png[/IMG] SUPER SSS
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/fr.png[/IMG] WtF
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/es.png[/IMG] FUM CAGANDO
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/IMG] Wapanda
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/IMG] EraseME
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/de.png[/IMG] wAsd.gaming
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/de.png[/IMG] MM3k
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/it.png[/IMG] BEH
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/nl.png[/IMG] VDBE
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/il.png[/IMG] Winners
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/fr.png[/IMG] uReal

PAID TEAMS - 16/16
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/IMG] 5Kings (samuelg, zLk, dltr, strove, uzuma) .
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/IMG] Wapanda (bluez, nielsk, dynza, comedykkk, decks)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/IMG] EraseME-gaming (FrosteR, Paradox, King, Toxjee, Luboshmir)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/eu.png[/IMG] maniaX (jnsu, isno, vladie, ang, yoyoo)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/IMG] TBA (neither, sexaxz, sunspinx, warking, pukiz)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/de.png[/IMG] wAsd. Gaming (jUZE, petAR, kOKa, BZUMO, JUNZI)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/de.png[/IMG] MM3k (nFinity, Raz, s4b, fluffye, cr4k)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/IMG] GUNRUNNERS.AOC (bladestar-, cDe, jany, Glady, FoxX)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/nl.png[/IMG] VDBE (w1zard, dakkaz, h1dzr, delroo, broetoe)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/fr.png[/IMG] SUPER (zabuza, paska, hyperion, faby, rilax)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/fr.png[/IMG] Warrior Team France (CLMK, Kiwi, Gala, zetla, im0)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/fr.png[/IMG] orKs (Allaf :], SuNn_-, jaroslav, voddY)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/fr.png[/IMG] uReaL (OUIC, [email protected], DareK, XeeD, DranK)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/it.png[/IMG] Born Elite Humans (ridk, mirco, marky, umberto, goofy)
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/es.png[/IMG] Fumar Cagando TV (ozi, scratch, ville, rapid, s4fry) .
[IMG]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/il.png[/IMG] Winners (Darl1ng, ofekk, murky, mortalis, kn1ght)

dokii :]

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11:11pm Nov 14th 16

Nice, probably in january will be organized one more LAN, in Croatia (Zagreb, or Karlovac/warpomega). :).


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11:19pm Nov 14th 16

on the 14th of November 2016]
Nice, probably in january will be organized one more LAN, in Croatia (Zagreb, or Karlovac/warpomega). :).

Quote from dokii :
Why don't the croatian teams skip on that lan, put money away and attend a better one in Belgium?


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11:21pm Nov 14th 16



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11:32pm Nov 14th 16

Will probably attend with my team


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11:43pm Nov 14th 16

Would be interested in making a team for this event


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11:53pm Nov 14th 16

Would be interested in making a team for this event

Quote from sheib on the 14th of November 2016
Well if you're short of one then I'll gladly join.


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12:01am Nov 15th 16

If you guys would like to give some feedback, please do.

Topics to be discussed:

- Date
- Entry money


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12:09am Nov 15th 16

Winners interested - g I L , ofeKKK +TBA

GoTTiii I hope I will see you there.


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12:28am Nov 15th 16

going definitely


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12:43am Nov 15th 16

If this happens I go either way, with or without team. Can also shoutcast


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8:35am Nov 15th 16

Good idea ! Hopefully it will get enough teams!


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9:27am Nov 15th 16

8 teams is enough to be fair.

I've been talking with tigzz about the cost of this all and if we get 8 - 12 teams we can get a really decent prizepot in this state of the game.

Anyhow, we as 5Kings are definitely not going there for the money. We just want to meet up again and play some games on LAN.

Don't set your hopes too high on a €2k 1st place event. I can assure you that this will not be the case.

Get some teams going boys. As soon as I get enough interest in this event from various teams, I'll be locking in a date. Tigzz already contacted botkamp personally so we're waiting on them giving us green light.


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9:57am Nov 15th 16

Most important datewise is to make it known early in advance so ppl can book time off work. For me, I prefer March over February.


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10:34am Nov 15th 16

exams are in february, would prefer end of march or april