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In Memory of Joonas "Viilee" Selin

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Thread started by vozER on Sunday, 11:21am November 6th with 180 replies. Views: 34,899


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1:57pm Nov 6th 16 and edited 2:22pm Nov 6th 16

What a fucked up world..we shall hope that somewhere up he will be fine and still same funny guy as always..Rest in peace friend ! God is taking only best for himself..dear Villee you will stay in memory of all us and i hope that some day we will acutally meet somewhere where is peacful and i hope you will be ok up there..


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2:11pm Nov 6th 16

We need to appreciate our lives. One day you are here the next day you could be gone. Sick world.

Hopefully justice will be done.


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2:16pm Nov 6th 16

Played maybe 2-3 matches with him and he was so funny on teamspeak and really positive guy this 2-3 time i played with him.

Like he would say: The Besteres :)

Rest in piece Joonas


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2:20pm Nov 6th 16

Is this legit or one of his "funny" trolling attempts? I actually hope for the latter

Quote from zodja on the 6th of November 2016

I can assure you, this is neither funny or a troll attempt. It's on the news in Finland


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2:27pm Nov 6th 16

I am thankful for that I've had a chance to get to know Joonas. Such a great person, big personality. You will always have a space in my heart <3 Rest in Peace!

- EEtu


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2:28pm Nov 6th 16

Requiescat in pace


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2:30pm Nov 6th 16

I'm so fucking shocked, can't believe this...


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2:31pm Nov 6th 16

I can not express my sadness in words...

I wish who was close to him in(or)-out of game great strength during this horrible period.

RIP Viilee <3

Gone, but never forgotten.


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2:36pm Nov 6th 16

Could not fucking believe it once Matje posted it in group. What a tragic day, I remember playing with him and his finnish boys couple of times. Was full of positive energy. My condolence to his family and his teammates.

Sad day, rest in peace


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2:42pm Nov 6th 16

terrible news

RIP Joonas


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2:43pm Nov 6th 16

Honestly, didn't like him at all. But I am really sorry that this happened and I still can't believe this.

RIP Ville <3


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2:49pm Nov 6th 16

RIP Joonas


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2:58pm Nov 6th 16

Rip my friend good 2 have had some beers at tls

Have a good rest:(