How to connect on LAN server f...

How to connect on LAN server from outside

How to connect on LAN server from outside

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2:56am Oct 20th 16

Recently I've been asked how can you connect to a LAN server from Internet.
This is quite useful if you have a LAN event, and shout-caster who wants to stream but is not in the venue.

Let's start first with an explanation of what we're trying to do in this tutorial:
In order for a Client from external local network (Internet) to connect on Server's local network (LAN)
we need to establish a VPN tunnel between these two networks:
Now in days I've first done this, Hamachi was your best option, but after playing around with it today
I've ran into a lot of problems that were not an issue before;
First if you're running a 64-bit Windows, it will refuse to install required network driver because it's not digitally signed. You will also need to register to their LogMeIn lounge where you will receive a two week trial.
After you have logged in, there is a good chance a lot of problems will go down while trying to set up a functional tunnel.

TL;DR - Hamachi is outdated and not worth anymore for what we're trying to do.

Now, after looking for alternatives, I have found one program that has this feature and most of you are already using. We will need Evolve, specifically 1st version, which you can download here.

For everything written below, it is assumed that both Server and Client have confirmed Evolve accounts, are friends and online on Evolve.

1. Right click on Client's profile and click "Create Party"
2. A popup window will appear asking you to install Evolve's network adapter, click "Install"
3. You should be brought to party lobby, where your profile rank will be Leader.
Click on wheel icon which stands for Settings -> Party Mode -> Private Game [SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]
We don't want random people joing the party.[/SPOILER]
4. Run CoD2, go to "Start New Server", set "Dedicated" LAN, "Punkbuster" No and click "Start"
[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]
You can change other options on your convenience.[/SPOILER]
5. Newly created console is a place from which you control your server, but you can also set rcon with
"rcon_password <your_rcon>"

1. You should receive a party invite from Server's profile, accept it
[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]
2. A popup window asking you to install Evolve's network adapter will appear, click "Install"
3. You should be brought to party lobby, where your profile rank will be Member.
Under Leader there should be Server's Evolve account, and next to it his VPN IP: [SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view][/SPOILER]
4. This is the IP you will be connecting to. Start your CoD2, open console and write: "connect <your_server_ip>:28960"
Note that port can differ based on Server's cfg
5. If everything was done correctly, you should be connected successfully:

***Important note for Windows 10 users***
In case that after installing the adapter and entering the party,
you appear as offline and a warning in the bottom pops out saying "Evolve could not initialize virtual private network connection. Make sure it's installed and enabled."

1. Exit Evolve totally.
2. Right click on Start -> Device Manager
3. Go to "Network adapters" and find "Evolve Virtual Ethernet Adapter".
It should have a warning triangle which tells us something is wrong
4. Right click on it -> Properties
5. Go to "Advanced" tab and set "MAC Address" to Value 0: [SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view][/SPOILER]
6. Click OK, notice that warning triangle should go away after this
7. Start Evolve again and join the party, you should now be connected and see VPN IP of online party members: [SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view][/SPOILER]


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8:15am Oct 20th 16

thank you, miss !


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da nema ovog missa nitko kurca nebi mrdnuo bogami covjek vise nije admin a i dalje tu glavni . bravo mislave pozdravi ceske dame


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12:45pm Oct 20th 16

nice and clean instructions, thank you!


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3:08pm Oct 21st 16

nice instructions thank ) GL

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6:09am Nov 22nd 16

Hvala ti! Now I know how to upload the free porn to firend's server :DDD