Need Map Developer

Need Map Developer

Thread started by uG!-D|Farukh on Saturday, 4:48am September 24th with 12 replies. Views: 3,339


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4:48am Sep 24th 16

Hello Guys,

Many of you guys might know that a small group of developers and a dedicating community were working behind a CoD4 Remake project.

I am one of the representative of the project and also a developer. We need a map developer who can design the 5 popular CoD4 Promod maps in Unreal Engine 4 with some modifications for this project. If anyone is interested to contribute and have knowledge on map designing please PM me or reply on this post. We really need some help from the loving CoD4 community to make this game alive again.

Thanks in advance...


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9:54am Sep 24th 16

I don't think creating new maps for a 9 year old game will get it back to life but good luck with it.


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11:22am Sep 24th 16

I thought this project is dead. On forum there is only spam with porn.
How is it going?


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3:00pm Sep 24th 16

"Please share it anywhere you can, we currently have 6,684 supporters."

atm 10 127 supporters > you sure it's up to date?


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3:49pm Sep 24th 16

....or just buy the new 1 xd


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9:15pm Sep 24th 16

If this comes to life one day, I hope you won't implement skins like it is in csgo. If u were to make skins, 100% make them already selectable and unlocked. If it goes like it's in cs, it's gonna be soooo bs

Gl with the project


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3:44pm Sep 25th 16

@Liliput The project is not dead. It's just that the person who started the petition and hosted the is inactive due to some kind of problem and now am leading the whole project. I got some designers and programmers working with me on this project. But we really need some map developer who can develop the CoD4 maps for us to test game mechanics strafing and other things. BTW the forum is dead and soon I will open up a new forum for the community.

@Quinn Creating maps for a 9 year old game can surely make a difference because people still like to play the 9 year old game and want some changes in the game which normally we cannot unless we do modification. The whole community need to contribute in order to get the game they really would like to play. This is a game by community and for the community.

@CLMK. am sure the project is up. Because at this moment am leading the project instead of Dan Bear because Dan is busy with some other stuff.

@CHFluke you are really expecting the new CoD4 Remaster to be meeting your expectation? It's a remaster with improved graphics and ruined promod gameplay. Also they are not proving any mod tools for the remaster and selling it with advance warfare which is very expensive.

@react0ze this game gonna come to life soon if you guys / the community help us. I am a CoD4 Player and I played competitively for 4 years. I have idea about the best options we can add in this CoD4 Remake project we are doing. Skins is one option we will surely add because we don't wanna create this game and then just abandon it like normal game companies. We will keep on updating and supporting this game over years. But skins we are not gonna sell because we are not creating another csgo.

It's a request to the community for helping us. Because some CoD4 gamers among you who have some computer skills have taken an initiative to make this game far better. And we just want your support and help.

Urgently Need an Map Developer who can design the 5 promod maps in UE4.

Thanks in advance...


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6:52pm Sep 25th 16

LMFAO. really dude, the game is dead af. CG is the only site that supports it...


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7:59pm Sep 25th 16

Basically the idea if remaking a game in another engine looks nice on paper and all but there are a ton of serious problems.

First I'm pretty sure decent and skilled map developers have monthly pay above 1000€, hard to believe you will find anyone who will do it for free, the best thing you can come up with is finding some child who doesn't have a clue on what he's doing and is just copy pasting steps from some YouTube tutorials.

Second it would be good that you stop trying to copy-paste somebody else's work, especially when that somebody is the money-hungry corporation called Activision. The worst thing that can happen to you is that the game becomes popular, they spot it and decide they have a legal problem with it.

If you really are serious in making a new game, you should do it from scratch, not trying to redo something that was made 8 years ago.

Third, do you remember the names that go over the screen when you finish career mode? Did you noticed how many people was included in that project?

The concept of a game that you're trying to build is not Solitaire and it can not be built over night, you will need to have a constant developer team that needs to live out of something, thing for which a budget would be very much welcome. Otherwise you will just end up spending time on something that will never be good, or probably even released.

As a developer to developer, don't consider this as some aimed attempt to bring down you and your project, just consider it as a doze of reality from somebody who has some insight in how these things work.


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8:12am Sep 26th 16

@wizQ the game is not yet because not only CG but also many other communities around the world still supports and play the game.

@miss I totally agree with you that decent and skilled map developers might have very high payment threshold. But the CoD4 map designs doesn't seem very hard for some person who have at least the basic map designing skills. Because in CoD4 we don't have those fancy big maps like bf, black ops or other games. CoD4 maps are pretty small and simple long-mid-long concept map. BTW the marketcenter, cluster and nuketown maps were not created by Activision. These maps were created by some community driven developers. And these maps are now played in CG also. So, basically we want some developers like this who can contribute to this project on their own interest. And these maps developers used CoD4 Mod Tools to develop these maps but the amount of work will get lesser on UE4 because Unreal Editor is more convenient and easy to use compared to Mod Tools.

I know copy pasting somebody's work is not a good practice. But if someone don't realize what potential the CoD4 has if they develop or support it in the proper way then it's better to save the asset and use it in a proper way rather than make it a waste. I am just stating my opinion. And we are ready to face any legal issues from Activision after the game gets popular.

I have creating this whole game from scratch. Am not modifying anything on the CoD4 original game or copying any of the stuff. Basically this remake game will just follow the CoD4 game mechanics like strafing, glitches, bounces, rush path etc. Other than that everything will be new from the scratch. But the thing I said about copying the CoD4 maps is because these maps are perfectly made on the long-mid-long concept but still have some minor problems. So, after copying the maps we will modify it accordingly to fix different things which will effect a balanced gameplay. Only the maps is what we are copying. Other than that everything is from the scratch.

I have seen the credits of CoD4 and aware of how many developers worked on this game. But the game was developed 8 years ago on a very old game engine which is quite difficult work and more man power was needed for that. But UE4 is more convenient and easy to use engine. So, the amount of man power will be considerably less after 8 years on a new engine. Still am not underestimating the amount of work we need to do here. But I believe together anything is possible.

I agree with your concern that these kind of games cannot be developed overnight and we need some constant developers and some funding. Actually we are working on this matter to find more constant developers and some funding from a local sponsor.

I am not taking your concern in any wrong way miss. I am aware of the the things you know. And I agree with lot of stuff you said. I will consider your suggestions and also discuss about it with the other developers and designers we already have at this moment to take the necessary steps.

Thanks a lot for your concern.


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7:56pm Sep 26th 16

@uG!-D|Farukh ofc not, but how wizq said.... CG is the only 1 site which somehow supports CoD4 and I think it is a bit useless to spend your time with this. (gl)
[SPOILER=SPOILER: cod4 is dead]get over it[/SPOILER]


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10:56pm Sep 26th 16

CoD4 maps are pretty small and simple long-mid-long concept map. BTW the marketcenter, cluster and nuketown maps were not created by Activision. These maps were created by some community driven developers.

Quote from uG!-D|Farukh on the 26th of September 2016
I have made 4 detailed maps in CoD4 radiant and if the mapping system is similar I can tell you that you will never find someone who will make all the 5 maps for free.
These maps are very detailed, quite hard to replicate (only backlot is on a plain ground) and it takes LONG time to make it. Nuketown, market center and cluster (which use prefabs from other maps btw) are nothing compared to a map like crossfire.

And the maps imo are the last thing you should focus. Take a cube map, with no details, test your game and show the movement, the graphics, the sounds, post a video, whatever you have before thinking some guy spent time on making a map in a non-existent game. The general idea is great, but stop dreaming and face the truth, this project will never come to life, sorry.


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1:18am Sep 27th 16

yeah, i remember making a couple maps for ET, and it look like a month.... pay someone a few hundred and you good. but free.. gtfo man. you're clearly crazy.