DOTA2 Underlord Patch and the...

DOTA2 Underlord Patch and the Problems in brought in!!

DOTA2 Underlord Patch and the Problems in brought in!!

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4:21pm Sep 6th 16

We all know Underlord/Pitlord patch was released recently (pretty fun hero to play) and along with it came some sort of connection plague with many not able to connect to game server. Few common problems that occur :

1. SEA region(mostly) are unable to connect to the server.
2. Some would need to play a LAN bot game just to have a stable connection in other games.
3. Some needed to join/start a game and then reconnect to it to remove the jitters and lag they are suffering from!

To put it simple people are raging in SteamCommunity without trying to search for solutions. As an individual who just started the game I dont know much but a few things I did pick up from here and there that I would like to share, hope it can help some one :o

Remove thy lag guide 101:

1. Close background applications such as torrents.
2. Restart all of your devices in a sequential manner .
3. Make sure you are on wired connection and not on WiFi
4. Make sure no one is hogging your internet. If more then one device is connected, limit other user with certain bandwidth. (Suggestions on few given at the end of post)
5. Use a data routing software which will route game data more efficiently removing spike/lag.
6. In game, under options change network quality to low. No it does not effect gameplay and infact has helped a lot of people
7. Last (very rare) update or downgrade software for you GPU/CPU

Ping Reduction software:

A. Kill Ping (

B. WTFast (

C. PingZapper(

D. Reduce The Lag (

E. BattlePing (

They are good, but few have advantages over others.Kill Ping offers money back guaranty as well as few others and has a 24/7 chat support to help out.


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2:57pm Sep 8th 16

For those who have screen loading problem, this might help:

'Restart ONLY steam and Dota and preload a game before matchmaking, watch someones game, load up a bot game then exit, load up a custom DOTA game then exit, then go ito match making.'


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8:43am Sep 19th 16

Windows 10 Users: Make sure you allow the game trough your firewall before start the game! or it might end up in crashing!