escape from fort schmerzen

escape from fort schmerzen

Thread started by steve747 on Sunday, 1:08pm August 21st with 4 replies. Views: 3,053


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1:08pm Aug 21st 16

Hello. I'm on the last level of allied assault escape from fort schmerzen. I just cannot escape. I run as fast as possible past the bad guys but the building collapses just as I am about to run out. Any ideas? Thanks


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2:57pm Aug 21st 16

make sure you are taking the right path


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3:25pm Aug 21st 16

OMFG i miss this !!


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8:42pm Aug 21st 16

put so many hours into that game ^.^


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1:03am Aug 22nd 16

Fucking legendary game.

Inb4 banned for saying "fucking"