Dutch Expandables is looking f...

Dutch Expandables is looking for you!

Dutch Expandables is looking for you!

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8:54pm Jul 3rd 16

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Dutch Expandables

You´re searching for a clan and players for an esports-team or a clan to establish your own esports-team?

You´ve always wanted to try yourself as a team-manager or an organisator? You´re a hobby-caster or a Streamer looking for a professional environment to realize yourself?

The Multigaming Community Dutch Expandables offers you now support through the eSports World.


We offer:

- A professional environment with active management
- A active crossgaming community
- Support and assistance for any team establishments
- A Teamspeak³ server with your own team-channel
- Gameserver for training and matches
- A stressfree environment to make your project come true


Game-Teams we are looking for:

- Battlefield 3/4 (Main Squad)
- CS:GO (Rookie Suqad)
- Overwatch (Main Squad)
- Heartstone (Player)
- LoL (Main Squad)
- Dota2 (Main Squad)
- SC2 (Player)
- Rainbow Six Siege (Main Squad)
- Rocket-League (Main Squad)
- Fifa 16/17 (Player)
- Wolfenstein ET 3v3 6v6 (Main Squads)
- Call of duty modern warfare editions 3v3 5v5 (Main Squads)
- Call of duty Black ops Editions 3v3 5v5 (Main Squads)
- Dirty Bombs (Main Squad)

Also looking for:

- Active squads/player in all kinds of games
- User who wants to participate in administration/organisation
- Caster and streamer for our brand
- eSports editors
- Social media managers



Homepage: Click Me
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: Click Me and Follow
Teamspeak: ts.dutchexpandables.nl

or post your contacts in this thread!


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8:34pm Jul 12th 16

Do you have steam? if u do, add me snify15 ( Styx Zex)

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1:37am Jul 13th 16

check your mail


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1:10pm Jul 13th 16

check your mail

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