PC problem

PC problem

Thread started by exzz` on Thursday, 9:21pm May 26th with 4 replies. Views: 1,128


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9:21pm May 26th 16


Today I crossed my path with a PC problem which makes me unable to see the desktop. Basically I start up my PC and end up with this error: Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter


Any solutions?
- no CD/DVD inside
- no usb inside
- dust inside PC is cleaned
- thermal paste added a few months ago


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9:27pm May 26th 16

dunno,hard drive problem myb ? :/


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9:27pm May 26th 16

check sata cable,if not working,check in bios ur boot options for hard disk if that not working than problem is in instalation of windows.


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10:29pm May 26th 16

The message says it all, something is preventing your PC from booting the operating system properly. Either your boot file is corrupted, HDD is damaged or there is a miss-configuration in your BIOS settings (which I hardly believe since normal people usually don't touch these). Not a lot of magic can be done here without having appropriate portable diagnostic tools.

If you listen the message, insert your operating system disk and follow the steps, you might be able to fix the file and recover all your data, but I'd usually go for clean install in this case. That it is if your HDD is not bricked of-course.


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10:37pm May 26th 16

First of all check what crashed if any.
1. Connect your hard disk to another pc, if it runs it can be motherboard, cpu or maybe mouse that ate some cabel ;d
2. Install windows on another hard disk and connect to this pc.