LoL - Solo Q Ranked Tournament...

LoL - Solo Q Ranked Tournament platform

LoL - Solo Q Ranked Tournament platform

Thread started by Bradlosal on Friday, 5:04pm May 20th. Views: 742


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5:04pm May 20th 16

Hello guys!
I am offering you a FREE League of Legends tournament platform.

This website is f****** awesome, and I'm really excited about it :D

Basically you sign up for daily challenges and play Solo Q ranked games in League of Legends in your current ranked division and compete to get the highest score.

Your score is determined by your best ranked game during the challenge time.

They also have a smurf tracker for the challenges... :)

If you are playing ranked, why not have a chance to win free money?

There are free and paid single games too on that site (2v2,3v3,4v4,5v5) where you can win cash too!

Every day when you play 10 FREE contests on this platform you have a chance to win paysafecards and hardware stuff.




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6:49pm May 20th 16

nice one