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Rocket League PC/PS4 Season 1 - Open

Rocket League PC/PS4 Season 1 - Open

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4:36am Apr 15th 16

Rocket League Announcement

Hey Guys!. We are extremely excited to expand beyond the Rocket League AU scene. We have decided to create an Open Ladder for the Europe and North American Region. This game is forever evolving and thus had lead us to create an Open ladder for the EU region.

The official ruleset to be used can be found below.

Sign up for the PC Rocket League Ladder here


The Open Ladder will work on a challenge system. Teams are able to challenge teams ranked higher than themselves. If the challenger wins the game it will result in them taking the position of the defending team and pushing all teams below down by one rank. Teams will be able to challenge teams ranked up to 50% higher than them as soon as the ladder commences.

Matches will use a bo5 format, as such teams must win 3 games to be considered the winner. Team captains must add each other on steam prior to the commencement of the match to ensure a smooth experience when setting up the lobby.

For each ladder challenge teams will create a 3v3 private match. This is done by creating a party with the 6 players who will be taking part in the game (3 players per team). The team with the higher seed (lower number) will be in charge of creating the party and setting up the match.

How to:

- Higher seed (lower number) captain creates the lobby and invites his team (total 3 players)
- Higher seed captain invites opposition captain to the lobby
- Lower seed captain invites his team to the lobby (total 3 players)
- The lobby should have all 6 players (3 from each team) who will be playing the game

The party leader will then navigate to - Play online -> Private match -> "Selected Map" -> 3v3 -> No Bots -> [Region] -> Create match.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to post in this thread and the admins will get back to you ASAP. We are really excited to get the ladder started and to see the turnout we can get for the first season.

Please also note:

To be eligible to compete in CyberGamer competitions you must fulfil the following expectations as the player;
Must not have an active match ban listed on your profile.
Must have joined your team prior to a challenge being sent or received.
Must have a SteamID entered on your profile (See below).

3.3 SteamIDs

CyberGamer requires all Rocket League users to have their singular Steam account (and thus SteamID) linked or set to their CyberGamer account. Users are required to play on the Steam account (and thus SteamID) set on their CyberGamer account profile for all CyberGamer sanctioned matches / competitions. A user's SteamID must be set before they are eligible to compete in any match, this can be done through your profile settings.

Steam accounts are solely the responsibility of the user. CyberGamer is not responsible for any issues, problems or concerns regarding Steam accounts.

If you have any troubles verifying your steam account (Please visit to verify your steam), please submit a support ticket asap so we can help you out before you are required to participate in a ladder match. You are required to have a verified steam account to be able to participate in the tournaments as well as the ladder.

The Rocket League Administration Team



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6:28pm Apr 15th 16

rocket league ladder, hell yeah


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