Gentlemen eSports Recruiting

Gentlemen eSports Recruiting

Gentlemen eSports Recruiting

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Gentlemen eSports is an organization that focuses on our community and teams. We offer a big scale of advantages to our teams and players, which helps to develop the skill of the team and of the individuals.

At the moment we are looking for players and teams who are interested in playing for Gentlemen eSports.

Gentlemen eSports finds it very important to give teams and players a fair chance to develop themselves in the game and as a team. That is why we offer the following to our teams and players to give them this advantage:
TeamSpeak3 channel;

  • A website
  • A teampage on our website;
  • A big and active community which you can play games with;
  • Cups and events in all games that you can play in;
  • When needed an own matchserver;
  • * When needed an own subforum on our website.

These are the few basic requirements, that some find it hard to come by. That is why Gentlemen eSports is here to help you get further. We are looking for teams and players who have the potential to grow into a well-established and serious gaming team/player.
  • This is why we also need some things from you:
  • Participate in cups and events;
  • Be active on our teamspeak and website;
  • * Establish a team for a long-term relationship.

If you are interested in playing for Gentlemen eSports feel free to contact us and we will take a look at your apply.

It might be you we want to support!

Gentlemen eSports website
Gentlemen eSports Facebook
Gentlemen eSports Twitter


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Hey Gregunn! You are more than welcome to join our community. You can register on our website and if you want introduce yourself on our forum. Join us on teamspeak and invite your friends to come over and play: See you on!