Publicly requesting the unban

Publicly requesting the unban

Publicly requesting the unban

Thread started by FABOLOUS on Tuesday, 11:55pm March 15th with 9 replies. Views: 1,329


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11:55pm Mar 15th 16

Nine days ago three players were banned for typing "head is a faggot" into clan infos, me, @z1gzz and @lowww. But only one was guilty of doing so - lowww. So, lowww typed to admins he was guilty and he's taking all the responsibilty. Couple of hours later, z1gzz was unbanned but me - still banned for no reason. I typed multiple PMs to miss and head and all I got was "we are looking for some extra infos, to punish the right guy".

Admins are keeping me banned for no reason at all, for fucking 9 days. They have no proof of anything, yet I'm sitting here, still banned.

"Innocent until proven guilty."


01 [Inspire]

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1:06am Mar 16th 16

If you're trying to get unbanned you should probably get tits off your profile picture. What are you 12?

Uses the word "Faggot."

So edgy bro.


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1:30am Mar 16th 16

What does my profile pic has to do with that? Using the word faggot is to actually say what was typed in clan infos? What are you 12 or just playing dumb?


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2:58am Mar 16th 16

Publicly denied


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3:32am Mar 16th 16

detained untill proven guilty or innocent, standard police protocol

kapteeni molo

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5:18am Mar 16th 16

12 more days, we believe in you, you can do it


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9:15am Mar 16th 16

good thing austria closed its borders, dont want no criminals like F here. thank u miss & head for keeping our streets clean.


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9:21am Mar 16th 16

"Innocent until proven guilty."

nice joke

in cg its more like this:

admin: "guilty if i want it"


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10:07am Mar 16th 16

Publicly denied

Quote from Hatton on the 16th of March 2016


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10:20am Mar 16th 16

its more like "guilty until proven innocent"