COD2 wont run with CGAC

COD2 wont run with CGAC

COD2 wont run with CGAC

Thread started by drxzyeyey on Sunday, 8:47pm February 7th. Views: 440


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8:47pm Feb 7th 16

Hi all again,

Got a new problem with CGAC. If I press launch the game (before update) it deleted my cfg, but I was able to play and put every command back in.. not a biggy. But now when I start cod2 using CGAC, it starts (most of the time) with the activision intro. So far so good, but when I open console and try to /connect... it loads the map, but all sudden it crashes with the famous cod2_mp.exe stopped working. I see 1 second the menu for choosing teams?

friday I managed to connect 2/3 times (using default cfg) but doesnt work either now. Tried to replace to Appdata/Local/Virtualstore, also diddnt work. COD2 is running as administrator / SP3

pps: Please help me with the error, or can someone provide me their data from virtualstore or something like that.