Do CoD2 also uses one single c...

Do CoD2 also uses one single core on your computer?

Do CoD2 also uses one single core on your computer?

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5:43pm Jan 10th 16

Hi everyone,

In order to check if CoD2 uses only one single core, launch CoD2. Go to task manager :
1. process tab
2. click on the button at the bottom left "Print process for all users" (or something like that)
3. click right on "CoD2MP_s.exe"
4. click on "Set affinity"
5. Check if only CPU 0 is checked.


If only CPU 0 is checked, it means that CoD2 use only one core. If CoD2 is still running, go back in your task manager and click on "Performance" tab, you will that your CPU 0 is overused :s

You can tick all CPUs if you want, but you'll have to it every time when you launch CoD2 :s

I don't know if somebody is interested by a solution, but now my CoD2 (even with CGAC) is running on my 8 cores. That's why I stream CoD2 without any lag

Kiss everyone!


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6:04pm Jan 10th 16

what upload speed do you have? is it possible to stream with less that 1mbit/s up speed


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6:09pm Jan 10th 16

Sorry to dissapoint you the game itself supports only 2 cores

@Monkkkkkkkk it's not...for anything decent you need 3-3,5


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12:50pm Jan 11th 16

You can save affinity and priority with this small tool:


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4:32pm Jan 11th 16

can save it with this too;


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5:09pm Jan 11th 16

Kiss everyone!

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5:44pm Jan 11th 16

Just patch your cod2 manually, that's how I done it.


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9:13pm Jan 11th 16

Yes, on my pc it always runs with 1 core only, i have a quad core, i5, and i always enable all 4.

Some year ago it somehow always started with all 4 cores enabled but it isnt anymore.


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9:14am Jan 12th 16

I created 2 .bat files (executable files) to run CGAC or CoD2 on eight cores (even if I know CoD2 will use 2 cores max).


set root="E:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty 2"
CD /D %root%
start "CoD2" /affinity 255 "CoD2MP_s.exe"

CGAC (if you launch CoD2 with CGAC, the game will use the parent's affinity (CGAC affinity)).
set root="E:\Program Files (x86)\CyberGamer"
CD /D %root%
start "CGAC" /affinity 255 "cgac.exe"

Put affinity 15 if you want to alloc 4 cores or affinity 3 for two cores.



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10:48am Jan 12th 16

Will check some stuff out, pretty sure this can be done programmatically via CGAC.


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11:03am Jan 12th 16

Thx miss.


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11:03am Jan 12th 16

CGAC code is open source?


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11:05am Jan 12th 16

CGAC code is open source?

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If you pay me enough it can be.


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11:09am Jan 12th 16

Lol post it on GitHub