[APP] Colorify 1.0

[APP] Colorify 1.0

[APP] Colorify 1.0

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2:00am Jan 8th 16

Hey guys,
Just sharing work of a friend of mine which I helped in learning fundamentals of C++ and programming in general during last couple of months..

I'd like to present you a project I've been working on for the past month, I've started to learn programming 3 months ago, and I thought about making something that would be useful for CSGO community and for other games as well.

It's a program that lets you customize your display options such as brightness, contrast and saturation for the game of your choice, which are loaded as you start the game, and are automatically returned to how it was before when you're finished with your gaming session. The program also automatically saves the display values so they can't be forgotten and you can load them anytime from the dropdown menu.

Feel free to download if you find something like this usefull, I certainly had fun doing it, and it was a good learning experience.

NOTE: It's only for ATi Graphic card users.

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SETUP: http://www.mediafire.com/download/214jwnjcc4sjcoo/colorifysetup.exe
PORTABLE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3w3n95d33j7u723/colorify.zip

[SPOILER=HASHES: Click to view if you are paranoid!]MD5: 0130b7bee8f604ee0dfd680666f6f146
SHA1: 12b65778dee5c4adc6fa4baec2eb904c99aaece8
SHA256: e3fe910483382ebe421cc26f77c4a86815ad5bdca4305199958572a3c2e6b4cc
VIRUS TOTAL: http://bit.ly/1TIu7Gl[/SPOILER]

EDIT: If you're planning on using this, make sure you read competition rules, cause some leagues like ESL don't allow this. No need to worry, on CyberGamer it is allowed.

Anyway, thanks for reading,