Can any none cod2 admin handle...

Can any none cod2 admin handle my support ticket

Can any none cod2 admin handle my support ticket

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3:45pm Nov 24th 15

Hello my name is Matthijs Quekel and I got banned 2 weeks ago. I am banned for 3 months for bad behaviour it says. I already asked the admins several times to deliver proof for what thing I exactly got banned. At first the admins say bad behaviour, then they suddently change is to impersonating(which I didnt) We just saw a huge macrobanwave coming by. So impersonating/bad behaviour is 3 month ban just like cheating? Im already playing this game for like 8-9 years and I dont see the reason of my ban. We all know the community is getting smaller and smaller every day.

I also want to say since when are 2 different admins handling a ticket? At first Admin A said to me he will gather proof, but it will take some time Admin B came in and closed my ticket straight and said the reason was impersonating. Even if I did impersonate its not 3 month ban worthy. Bad behaviour 3 month ban worthy? NO! if they would give me a week/2 weeks ban I could maybe live with it. But I cant handle the fact I got a 3 months ban. The cod2 admins are just lacking to show me proof. With the lan coming up I need all time to prepare myself.

I dont know if other admins can still view my first support ticket which I made on 8-11-2015. Its removed now for me.

We all need to listen to admin, but if I ask for something simple they wont answere at all. Asking several times for valid proof. Just ignoring me and closing my ticket randomly. I think CG needs to think about that we make the community and not clockwise.

[b]Here weo again. I keep asking for proof but they wont deliver. The screenshots that they provided isnt impersonating since no1 in that match asked me to change my name( I mena the Drunkenrifles match with that. Taking mathias as a name isnt impersonating since its a normal common name and I know no1 who is named mathias in the cod2 scene. Yet maybe I did receive 5 postbans and a 2 week playing ban which also was a bullshit ban. Skaffa,nytro,pussy and anakin were also banned cause of playing with me. Im asking already for 3 weeks to deliver some proof why I got banned but you guys just dont do it. Making admin stuff up? Really? failed 2 times to upload a demo(many players got this. first time time it wasnt even my fault since I didnt get a notification about uploading a demo. head saying I got in total 12 bans. Please deliver me the bans. Some could be postbans but a postban to a 3 monthban is a bullshit step[/b

Abusive: Where? Head called me several times a kenser retard when we played that match
Made stuff about admins: Where? Can u show me? And If I even made stuff up it shouldnt be bannable
Played while banned: In the first place my ban didnt make sense. It was for the same reason I am banned now. Yet u didnt gave me a long ban cause u know I was right.
Played with banned: Playing With banned? who was banned? Can u please show me some screenshots with who I played
Abusive again: Again? So u post it 2 times in ur summary just to show some more 'proof' for the outside world
Failed to upload demo twice: 1 time I forgot demo and 1 time I didnt get a notification to upload.
Abusive more: Can u show me some screenshots of me being abusive?

Your just saying things to have me banned cause u dont like me. To be fair I didnt say anything abusive to any1 in the last 6 months. Head gave me many postbans cause I was just a bit trolling. That is not a reason to ban someone since I didnt abuse anyone.

Every ticket I made ur saying other things. At first u say it will take some time to gather them. Then it randomly gets autolocked. Half of my postbans were bullshit though. I didnt abuse anyone. Most of the times I was just giving my honest opinion. If for example I call someone a shit player it isnt abusive. Im just saying he is bad.

Im still waiting for proof for what I got banned. 2 weeks ago it was bad behaviour. Since yesterday its 'impersonating'. I wonder why it changes every day. Maybe cause u guys fail to deliver proof.

So once again @miss states 3 time the same thing

Abusive: When?
Made stuff about admins: What and when?
Played while banned: We all know what the circumstances were
Played with banned: Who?
Abusive again: Again so u can be abusive multiple times?
Failed to upload demo twice, later blaming everyone but you:
Abusive more: So in total 3 times abusive. I never said anything really offensive to anyone to be honest.

If we make a small conclusion about the reason I got banned its comes to this.

Abusive: nothing special. Never said something like a disease to any1
Playing while banned: CG gave me my punishment so u cant give me a longer ban for this really. what happened a year ago,
Playing with banned: Didnt we all? And if this happened. With who? I dont know man. We all play mixes these days and sometimes u just get in mixes with people u dont know.
Failed to upload demos 2 times.
The screenshots that u uploaded are nice but it isnt impersonating since no1 is named mathias on cg cod2 community. Therefore since my name is Matthijs it could be a nickname for my name.

If I sum up all points u cant ban me for 3 months for this. Miss saying the same thing (abusive) 3 times in his essay says enough about him not having proof to ban me for 3 months. U can give me a 3 month ban. but this doesnt make sense. I get the same punishment as cheaters


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3:49pm Nov 24th 15

If people have some common sense u will see u cant ban me for 3 months cause of this.


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3:54pm Nov 24th 15

My tickets getting autolocked without giving me proof. I cant make new tickets anymore so im getting sick of it. @miss said to me he would give me proof but he still didnt do it. In what world do we live if a guy who is banned is asking for proof but doesnt get it. Im still waiting for those.

Abusive screenshots? Who did I abuse and when? How offense was it?
Made admin stuff up? What did I make up and is it 3 month ban worthy?
playing with banned?: I got my punishment for that
Impersonating? When? Still waiting for proof.

Like I said if I get a perma post ban I can live with it. Even a respected player like @vioqor thinks this ban is bullshit. Its really obvious that head and miss dont like me. How can admins that dont like me handle my cases... All players that I have spoken so far agree with me.