Tournament and Premium changes

Tournament and Premium changes

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5:16am Sep 21st 15

depends what code i use...

l2 code gib


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5:21am Sep 21st 15

TBH, you can't do white hidden text with PRM... so its overrated anyway.

Quote from Shadz on the 21st of September 2015
This guys onto something.

However those in the know can do the code for the premium colour anyway Telli ;)

Shame I forget what it is :'( Excuse my crying, just finished watching Bridge to Terabithia :O

Quote from Telliscope on the 20th of September 2015
I haven't watched that movie in years. Oh... when the girl dies from falling of the swing....dem feels

hehe bet you cant see this

Quote from Mxracles on the 21st of September 2015
Yeah mate... wrong colour.


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7:07am Sep 21st 15

fuck ye, my 12 months got extended with an extra 2 weeks
cheers bud

heres the colour codes for all u new folk:



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6:10pm Sep 21st 15

Not supposed to tell everyone you derps zzzzz


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6:30pm Sep 21st 15



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4:06am Sep 24th 15

wow follow the yellow brick road.


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8:40pm Oct 3rd 15

Have now made it possible to purchase CG premium with CG Credits and CG entry credits:



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11:03pm Oct 3rd 15

Oh wow, interesting..

So if we win tournaments all the time we have a free CG Premium?