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Looking For Moviemaker [LEDAX]

Looking For Moviemaker [LEDAX]

Thread started by LEDAX on Sunday, 9:28pm August 16th with 15 replies. Views: 3,021


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9:39pm Aug 16th 15

look this thread bro


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9:39pm Aug 16th 15

waiting for exzz's comment, because you know it's cod2 thread. GL Ledax


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10:19pm Aug 16th 15

waiting for exzz's comment, because you know it's cod2 thread. GL Ledax

Quote from BiGGYYY on the 16th of August 2015

if there would be more players like exzz, cod2 maybe would not be dead af... sometimes it's good to see some players to care about community


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10:24pm Aug 16th 15

I hope you never find a moviemaker wanting to spend his sweet time editing your boring frags while playing alongside cheaters like ma$ka and Michael. #baam #baam #baaaaam

@BiGGYYY - Dafaq's your problem? fuck off
@FISCHER8D - This shall be my only response -> [SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view][/SPOILER]


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10:41pm Aug 16th 15

ra ra rasputin!!


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10:43pm Aug 16th 15

Your mates are banned, not mine so gg.


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12:57am Aug 17th 15

we are talking in present


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10:03am Aug 17th 15

This russian


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1:15pm Aug 17th 15

The Russians climbed to rank 1 just after CGAC came out so how can you explain that? If they were cheating, they couldn't do that.


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2:47pm Aug 17th 15

Thats because you are, maybe you aren't, but your mates sure are. There was and always will be Anticheat bypasses, remember that.


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3:19pm Aug 17th 15

Dont blame russia cyka bliat or....


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sasuke kun

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1:33pm Sep 5th 15

[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin [IMG][/IMG][/SPOILER]


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9:12am Sep 24th 15

Why so much hate on LEDAX? I know he had a cheater on his team, but why are you so mean to him? I mean come on, get over it.