CGAC - Version 2.0.1 Released!

CGAC - Version 2.0.1 Released!

CGAC - Version 2.0.1 Released!

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After several months of waiting, a new version of CyberGamer Anti-Cheat has finally arrived.

The client has been rewritten from scratch, with aim to portability and extended user interface. Support for Windows XP is back as well. It should work on every operating system since Windows XP SP3, including the same. Supported games are:

  • Call of Duty 1
  • Call of Duty 2
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
You can download setup from here

Just follow instructions, most of stuff is self explanatory. There is only one limitation, you can't have game or CGAC installed in folder which path contains any non-ASCII characters. You don't need to install any redistributable packs, but if you are a CoD2/CoD4 player, it's strongly recommended that you install DirectX End-User Runtimes, they will greatly reduce in-game lag that occurs while screenshot is being captured.

How to install DirectX End-User Runtimes:
1. Download it from here.
2. Create folder on desktop or anywhere you wish to extract the files. The thing you previously downloaded is actually one huge archive packed by Microsoft and contents need to be extracted before real installation occurs.
3. Browse and extract files to created folder.
4. Go to that folder, find and run "DXSETUP.exe".
5. Accept the agreement, click Next and wait while files are installed.
6. After this is finished, you can delete the folder you created plus the file you downloaded.

Starting the game:
1. Login with your credentials and apply the match ID. You can set autologin to skip this in future. (Reminder how to find out your user ID and auth key: My Profile -> Edit Profile -> Profile, Games, and Forums -> Game IDs)
2. Select the game you want to play.
3. Browse to your game executable path. This is needed upon first run and every time you select another game.
4. Fill out additional options. It's optional, but faster than typing it in game main menu.
5. Click "Launch the game" button.

Running the game
When you launch the game program will minimize itself to system tray. You will unable to access its main user interface anymore, but will be given some usefull options by right clicking program's tray icon. After finished match, just close the game and the program will notify you when it's safe to close it.

While in-game you can press hotkeys to check for most important informations:
- F1: Active players and their details
[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to see how it actually looks like in-game.][img][/img][/SPOILER]
- F2: Current match details
[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to see how it actually looks like in-game.][img][/img][/SPOILER]
- F3: General details
[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to see how it actually looks like in-game.][img][/img][/SPOILER]
Requsted informations will be printed inside your game console.

If you like what you see, you can always donate to the project here. Any fee is greatly appreciated, and it will encourage us to continue improving and adding features to program.

Updates will be a lot more frequent now, and we'll be adding a full range of various detections together with more player features. We're also open to implement other games in future.

Premium screenshots
We have also implemented one more thing you might be interested, all CyberGamer users that have Premium membership can now see CGAC screenshots from match page.

One last thing, from now CGAC is again mandatory for all CoD1/2/4/ET matches, without any exceptions.


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doesn't want to start at all


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Configure your antivirus/firewall.


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gj <3


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Good job miss!


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Finally released Thanks


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well done


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gj miss

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looks sick, good job guys


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napokon ker te prcio thenk ju veri mac


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Siiick, good job!!!

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gj admin!