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CyberGamer Nightly Tournament System

CyberGamer Nightly Tournament System

Thread started by LegacyAdmin on Wednesday, 8:10am July 15th with 15 replies. Views: 9,746


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8:10am Jul 15th 15

Hello everyone, as per this previous thread. I have finished building a tournament system:

A couple of initial tournaments have been created for PC CSGO and PS4 CODAW. You are welcome to sign up a team if you are interested. Teams that sign up will need to have a team member "ready up" before the tournament start time. Once the tournament starts each team needs to VETO their map choices immediately, you must have someone viewing the tournament overview page to do this.

CG is providing $100 as prize money for these initial competitions. Please understand that the grand final for these tournaments could easily be starting at mid night if the tournaments fills up to the full 16 teams. Please be patient if there are any issues during these first few tournaments.

It is planned that we will remove the CG monthly prize and replace it with premium only tournaments that have a CG prize pool.

A regular schedule of nightly/weekly tournaments will be created once these initial tournaments are completed. The majority of tournaments will likely require CG premium or have an entry fee.

It is hoped that some games that don't work well in a ladder/league format will be easier to support with this system. Most tournaments will be created 3-5 days in advance so that teams don't have too much time to join and forget.

The tournament system has the following features:
- Tournaments have a "minimum required" teams to proceed, and a maximum allowed teams.
- Entry fees can be paid via card/paypal and CG Credits
- If your team withdraws from the tournament or doesn't qualify, you are refunded to your payment source at the tournament start time.
- Once a tournament completes an admin clicks "confirm" and any prize money/awards are automatically provided.
- All prize money is credited to your CG Credits account where it can be withdrawn to paypal/bank account.
- Players can either apply to an existing team or mark them selves "looking for a team".
- Team captains can add any member on their friends list to their team without requiring the member to accept, non friends must apply to join.
- Match pages are automatically throughout the tournament and users are sent notifications

Threads for specific games will be posted shortly with more game specific information,

Any questions or suggestions are welcome, if you notice any bugs/issues please let me know,



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8:14am Jul 15th 15

This is cool, the system works well from what i saw and hopefully this takes off!!!

also, the one thing i thought would be an improvement is a LIVE ready up timer instead of having to refresh to update on how many mins till ready up begins. (Mentioned already to cyanide but why not here as well:)


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8:28am Jul 15th 15

This sounds game changing


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9:57am Jul 15th 15

Only issue I see is the 6.30 start with a 4.30 ready up. Alot of people wont even be home from work to ready up and same goes with the start time. But I guess with 16 teams max you need an early start so you dont finish super late.


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10:08am Jul 15th 15

This needs to be posted in the csgo forum.


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10:19am Jul 15th 15

seems like a great idea but the 2 hour ready up could be a problem for people


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10:43am Jul 15th 15

You can ready up anytime from 2 hours before it up until just before it starts. Teams that sign up within 2 hours of the tournament don't need to ready up at all. Will make it clearer. Will have later starting tournaments later, just want the first couple to not worry about going too late.


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4:27pm Jul 16th 15

Thanks to everyone that competed in the first comp:

It went very smooth, started a little bit later than it should have but otherwise fine. Didn't go anywhere near as late as I thought it might. Congrats to "Team Erase" for winning and runner up "Team Fusion".

I have created a regular schedule of CSGO tournaments, after a week or two we'll revisit any times/settings. In the long run most tournaments are going to require CG premium to compete in. Also after a week or two we'll add or change at least one to have a $5~ per person entry fee and see how it goes. All tournaments appear 5 days before their date. All times are in AEST.

Current weekly CSGO schedule:
Monday 7pm - Premium required, $50 prize pool
Tuesday 7pm - Free
Wednesday 7pm - Premium required, $50 prize pool
Thursday 7pm - Free
Friday 7pm - Premium required (the one tomorrow is free and i've changed the time to 7pm from 6:30)
Saturday 7pm - Free
Sunday 2pm - Free
Sunday 6pm - Premium required, $50 prize pool

All tournaments require 8 eligible teams signed up to proceed or they're automatically cancelled. 16 teams is the maximum for all of them. If a tournament on a particular night is being cancelled over and over we'll change or remove it. Will revisit the value of the prize pool of premium tournaments after they've been running for awhile.

At least one Sunday a month will serve as a monthly "final" that players that won a tournament will be able to enter for free and have a decent prize pool (others might be able to pay an entry fee to gain access possibly). Will provide some more info later.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,

The full tournaments list can be found above the news on the homepage and at this page:



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6:51pm Jul 16th 15 and edited 7:17pm Jul 16th 15

Was a great comp, and ran really well, basically no delays (besides like 10 mins or something before the 1st game, but still nothing to complain about, especially for the 1st comp) Also the new veto system on the site is nice and easy.

Would definitely play again! (already signed up for tomorrow)

Only suggestion is the comps with no prize may struggle to attract teams, maybe offering premium or something as a prize to attract some more teams would be good

Thanks again to Asterix for all your hard work getting this system up and running and for today's comp


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8:01pm Jul 16th 15

No worries, thanks for competing!. Will monitor how the tournaments go, don't mind if some tournaments don't get enough teams, rather offer a tournament that gets cancelled before it starts than to not offer it. It is going to require quite a bit of experimentation I think, should get easier once the word gets out there a bit more, especially if there's a fairly regular schedule.

If a tournament is getting no where near enough teams to proceed then we'll look into some changes. At the end of the day getting 8 teams isn't all that many, it should be possible most nights. Hopefully there's interest in premium and tournaments with entry fees. For the free comps the ticket's we'll provide to the winners to enter into a competition that has prize money will hopefully be enough, will look into other rewards though.

Trying to give a variety of tournament options for all players, but still having a fairly casual focus.



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12:45am Jul 17th 15

Nice. Great job admins/founders.
Great things coming for the CS:GO side. As long as we keep supporting their efforts more great things could come out!!!


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1:15am Jul 17th 15

Just to clarify, the ones that say "free" don't have a prize pool, correct?

Seems like a good system, I'm excited


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8:03am Jul 17th 15

All tournaments are listed here with entry fee and prize pool.

Ones with no entry fee will generally have no prize pool, may do a special one occasionally. These first two are free with a prize pool as a once off for the launch essentially.

The ones that require premium and have no entry fee have a small prize pool.

As stated, will monitor and make any changes needed.


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8:06am Jul 18th 15

Make one for Dirty Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D


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4:09am Jul 21st 15

On the Tournament page can you seperate the tournaments by game aswell?